How To Size Your In Ground Pool For A Safety Cover

If your swimming pool is not a "standard" rectangular shape, you will likely need to measure your pool for a custom safety cover. While this may seem like a daunting task, it's a lot easier than it seems at first glance.

1. Draw a sketch of the pool shape on the grid provided on the measurement form. To represent your A-B line, mark 2 points on the deck in a straight line approximately 4 feet from the edge of the pool and about two-third’s (2/3) the length of the pool. “A” must always be to the left of “B” as you face the pool. Make sure the pool is totally in front of the A-B line. This is a must because your measurements will be incorrect if this instruction is not observed.

2. Measure the A-B line, and on your sketch, note its length and position in reference to the pool. Use chalk to mark and number points clockwise around the entire pool at approximately 3 foot intervals. Point #1 must be directly across from the center point of your A-B line.

3. Measure sharp curves and angles at 1’ to 2’ intervals or less. Any obstructions such as ladders, slides, rocks, waterfalls, etc. should be a numbered point. Measure these last after complete all pool points. Any obstructions away from the water’s edge but within the 18” overlap area should be numbered last on the A-B form, not in succession as you measure around the pool’s edge. Be sure to include any steps, ladders, waterfalls or any other non-removable obstruction in your sketch.

4. Record measurements from point A and B to all the points you have marked around pool perimeter. Secure the end of your 100 ft. measuring tape to “A” on your A-B line and measure the distance to point #1 and note the distance in the “A” column on the chart provided.

5. Continue around the pool until you have recorded all your points with an “A” measurement. Repeat the process to obtain the B measurements and record your readings in the B column on the measurement form.

6. Once you have completed bot A and B measurements, take 3-4 diagonal measurements randomly from numbered points on the pool and note in the spaces provided.

7. Once you have the form filled out, fax it to 866-284-5122 for a free quote.

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