How To Set up the Power Module Gear Set For the Polaris ATV Cleaner

This instruction shows you the steps required to replace the gear set in your Cleaner. Note: This guide assumes that you have removed the Power Module out of the Cleaner. If your Polaris ATV Suction Cleaner wheels are locked up or rotate freely without moving your Cleaner, you may have one or more damaged gears in the Power Module of your Polaris ATV Suction Cleaner. 

1. ORDER PARTS - The first step is to order the parts you will need. The only part you will require for this procedure is the Polaris ATV Suction Cleaner POWER MODULE GEAR SET. It contains a set of 10 gears. This guide only covers the replacement of 8 of these gears excluding the two circled. These two gears are embedded in another section of the Power Module and generally do not fail.

2. GEAR SET - This is a picture of the gears being replaced. The number displayed with each gear is stamped into the surface of the gear.

3. UNFASTEN BACK PLATE - Remove the 4 screws that secure the Back Plate to the Power Module.

4. LIFT OFF BACK PLATE - Lift the Back Plate off of the Power Module to expose the Turbine Paddle.

5. REMOVE TURBINE PADDLE - Remove the single screw that holds the Turbine Paddle onto its shaft. Lift off the Turbine Paddle. This will free up the end of the Turbine Paddle shaft so that its gear #1 can be removed from the other end.

6. UNFASTEN TRANSMISSION COVER - Remove the 3 screws that secure the Transmission Cover to the Power Module.

7. LIFT OFF TRANSMISSION COVER - Lift the Transmission Cover off of the Power Module to gain access to the Power Module Gears.

8. LIFT OFF BEARING SUPPORT - Remove the Bearing Support to gain access to Gears #1 and #2.

9. VIEW GEAR SET - This picture (rotated 180 degrees from the previous picture) shows the placement of 7 of the 8 Gears to be replaced. The 8th Gear is incorporated in the Gear 2 Assembly.

10. LIFT OFF GEAR 7 - Remove Gear #7 to uncover the Worm Gear, #5. Note: the number of each Gear is stamped into the upper side of each Gear.

11. ROTATE GEAR 5 - Rotate Gear #5 counter-clockwise to release it from the gear well.

12. LIFT OUT GEAR 5 - Lift up Gear #5 to remove the Gear from the Power Module. If the Gear does not lift out, rotate it counter-clockwise again.

13. FLIP TIMER CROSS SHAFT - Sometimes this Gear breaks off inside the gear well. Put your hand over the rest of the gears and turn the Power Module over. Flip the Timer Cross Shaft a couple of time to free the broken pieces. They should drop out.

14. REMOVE MIDDLE GEARS - Lift off Gears #6, #4 and #3. Then pull the #2 Gear Assembly out of its well.

15. REMOVE GEAR ASSEMBLY 1 - Remove Gear Assembly #1 from its well. This is the gear that was connected to the Turbine Paddle.

16. REMOVE GEAR 1 BEARING - To replace the gears that are incorporated in the two Gear Assemblies, you will have to disassemble the Gear Assemblies. For the Gear #1 Assembly start by removing the Gear #1 Bearing. It is held on with a single screw.

17. PULL GEAR 1 OFF SHAFT - Next slide Gear #1 off of its shaft. I used a rubber lid opener to hold the gear while sliding it off.

18. REMOVE TOP BEARING ON GEAR 2 ASSEMBLY - Move to Gear Assembly #2 and unscrew the top bearing.

19. DISMANTLE REST OF GEAR 2 ASSEMBLY - Next dismantle the rest of the Assembly by unscrewing the bottom gear (#8) and bottom bearing, and sliding Gear #2 off its shaft.

20. REASSEMBLE GEAR 1 ASSEMBLY - Put the #1 Gear Assembly back together using the new Gear #1. Look at the picture to make sure the gear is placed onto the shaft correctly. And make sure the Gear is pushed up all the way to the bottom of the bearing.

21. REPLACE GEAR 1 ASSEMBLY - Drop Gear Assembly #1 back into its well.

22. REASSEMBLY GEAR 2 ASSEMBLY - Reassembly the Gear #2 Assembly as shown using the new Gear #2.

23. REPLACE GEAR 2 ASSEMBLY - Drop Gear #2 Assembly into its well. Wiggle it a little to make sure it engages with the lower Gear at the bottom of the well.

24. CHECK PLACEMENT OF GEAR 2 -It the Gear #2 Assembly is not fully engaged, it will sit too high. Check that the bearings for Gear Assemblies #1 and #2 are level - that #2 is not higher that #1.

25. REPLACE MIDDLE GEARS - Place new Gears #3, #4, and #6 onto the Power Module in ascending order. Note: the gear positions are stamped into the Power Module. When you replace these gears, MAKE SURE THE NUMBERED SIDE IS FACING UP.

26. REPLACE GEAR 5 - Place the new #5 Gear into its well and rotate it clockwise to engage it with the gear below.

27. REPLACE GEARS 6 AND 7 - Place the new #6 and #7 Gears onto their respective posts - #6 first - NUMBERED SIDE UP.

28. REPLACE BEARING SUPPORT - Replace the Bearing Support on top of the Gear #1 and Gear #2 Assemblies.

29. REPLACE TRANSMISSION COVER - Replace the Transmission Cover back onto the front end of the Power Module. The two slots on the outside of the Transmission Cover have to engage with the tabs coming off of the two blue Engagement Cogs. See picture. Also, If you find that the Cover does not close completely, check the placement of the Gears. I had two gears riding too high because I'd placed them upside down with their numbers down. Don't force this cover. If it doesn't close snugly, recheck everything before you screw it down.

30. SECURE TRANSMISSION COVER - Fasten the Transmission Cover down with its 3 screws.

31. REPLACE TURBINE PADDLE - Place the Turbine Paddle on its shaft and secure it with its screw.

32. REPLACE BACK PLATE - Replace and fasten the Back Plate down with 4 screws.

33. TEST POWER MODULE - Using a screwdriver, MANUALLY rotate the right Reverse Drive Mechanism clockwise to ensure that: it moves without binding; the Propeller shaft rotates and the white Timer Cam moves counter-clockwise.


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