How To Set up an Intermatic Surge Protector Device

Note: This device does not protect against direct or vicinity lightning strikes. It is recommended that you have this device installed by a qualified licensed electrician to comply with all state and local electrical codes. A typical pool may have several pieces of expensive equipment attached to a circuit breaker box that could be damaged through a surge of power. The Intermatic Surge Protection Device (SPD), Model PS3000 can be installed easily to protect these pieces of equipment. This guide shows you how to install an Intermatic Surge Protection Device to the load side of a service panel. 

1. TURN OFF POWER TO SERVICE PANEL - Before you start to connect the SPD to the Service Panel, be sure to turn off all power going to that Panel. If you are unsure of working with electricity, have a professional electrician install this device.

2. CONNECT SPD TO SERVICE PANEL BOX - Knock out one of the plugs on the side of the Service Panel Box to attach the SPD to the side of the Box. It will be screwed on with a nut and rubber washer to make the connection waterproof.

3. CUT LEADS TO REQUIRED LENGTH - The SPD functions best if all bends in wires are rounded. Hard 90° bends will reduce efficiency. Cut all leads to the correct length. Do not coil excess leads.

4. CONNECT SPD WIRES - Connect the white wire from the SPD to the neutral bus bar in the Circuit Panel. Connect the two black wires to the Circuit Breakers as shown. For best performance, use the maximum recommended circuit breaker size of 240V, 20A 2-pole.n check that the wire are tight and can't be pulled out

5. TURN ON POWER - Turn the power to the Circuit Box back ON.

6. CHECK GREEN INDICATOR LED - Once the power is on, check that the green indicator LED is ON and visible through the cover of the SPD.

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