How To Set up a Pool Water Flowmeter

The following steps will explain you how to install a Flowmeter on the discharge side of a 1 1/2" pipe system. A Flowmeter measures the actual flow of water through your recirculation system. These meters are calibrated to the size of your piping - e.g. if you have 1 1/2 piping you would purchase a 1 1/2 inch Flowmeter; for 2" piping, a 2-inch Flowmeter, etc. This 1 1/2" Flowmeter will measure between 20-75 Gallons Per Minute (GPM). 

1. CHECK YOUR PARTS - For a 1 1/2" pipe, we will be installing the 1 1/2" Flowmeter, F30150P. The F300 series mounts on horizontal pipes. The D300 and U300 series mount on verticals pipes. Other parts include: 2 stainless steel clamps, a gasket and two screws. Make sure you order the Flowmeter for PVC pipe and not copper - The part number will end in "P" or "PR".

2. TURN OFF POWER TO THE PUMP at the circuit breaker.

3. RELIEVE WATER PRESSURE at the relief valve on top of the filter.

4. SELECT AN INSTALLATION SITE - provide a minimum of 8" clearance above the pipe for the Flowmeter. Also the pipe on which the Flowmeter is installed has to be horizontal and 21" long - 6" after the Flowmeter and 15" before the Flowmeter. Install the Flowmeter after the filter. Avoid placing it right after a point where you inject chemicals like chlorine or acid.

5. LOCATE THE CENTER OF THE HOLE for the Flowmeter. The hole will be in the top of the pipe at a point that provides 15" of straight pipe before the Flowmeter from where the water is coming and 6" of straight pipe after the Flowmeter to where the water returns.

6. DRILL A PILOT HOLE with an 1/8" drill bit to center the larger drill.

7. DRILL A 5/8" HOLE. The Flowmeter must be installed straight up and down within 2 degrees.

8. REMOVE ALL BURRS around the hole with a round file.

9. INSERT THE PITOT INTO THE HOLE. Make sure the gasket is in place and that the pitot tube opening faces into the direction of flow.

10. PLACE THE CLAMPS on either side of the Flowmeter as shown and tighten the clamps alternately, a little at a time. As you tighten the clamps, make sure the Flowmeter is straight up and down.

11. CHECK THAT FLOWMETER IS STRAIGHT UP AND DOWN WITH A LEVEL. Snug down the clamps but do not overtighten.


13. CLOSE OFF THE RELIEF VALVE after water begins to spray out.

14. READ THE FLOWMETER at the top of the float

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