How To Secure Your Pool Cover for the Winter?

When it’s time to close the pool for the winter season, it’s important to keep it in good condition. Most people tend to discuss the various chemicals used for winterizing their swimming pool. However, there are some key factors that they should keep in mind when it comes to preparing their pool cover for the winter.


In Ground Pools

If your pool has an in ground pool, then a water tube or bag is the best option. These are long, narrow tubes that go around the pool cover's edge to keep it in place. There are many styles and sizes of these tubes to choose from, so finding the one that's right for you can be a bit challenging. You should only fill these with about 3/4 of the way because they’re going to freeze and melt once they’re filled. Also, make sure that they’re not overfilled.

You will also need stakes and tie downs to secure your pool cover in place. These items are usually required if the area around your pool is sandy, loose material or grass. A proper pool cover and protection system will keep your pool safe and warm during winter. If you prefer the look of sand bags on the pool covers, then you should try purchasing one. If you have patio umbrellas that have weighted bases, you can use those plastic bases to make weights for your pool cover.

The amount of weights you need depends on the size of your pool. You might also need to measure the distance between the weights and the outer edge to make sure that air doesn't get in.


Above Ground Pools

Since these areas are higher off the ground, their covers are usually tied down. This is done by either tying a cover to the pool frame, or by putting stakes around the pool. Sealing the winter pool covers are an excellent option for keeping a pool in high wind areas. Since they can withstand harsh weather conditions, they are usually installed for areas that have high wind speeds.

Above ground pools are typically easier to close due to their lower maintenance costs. They also require less equipment and are typically less secure.


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