10 Steps How To Blow Out Pool Lines

In most cases, pool companies will tell you that a pool vac is required to properly blow out your lines. In our experience, a Shop Vac is just fine. Make sure yours is big enough to handle the job. A good air compressor can also help.

This will help lower the water line in your pool. It should be lowered about 4 to 12 inches below the pool's skimmer.

1. You’ll need to remove all of the skimmers first. Then, remove the return fittings. These are the ones that hold the water in the pipe.

2. All the drain plugs on your system should be removed. You can either store them away or replace them loosely.

3. Set the multiport valve to "recirculate" the water or the "filter" position if you have a side valve. This will make sure that the water is blowing out of the right direction.

4. After attaching the ShopVac or air compressor to the pump's drain plug, turn on the system.

5. You can also watch for bubbles coming out of the jets and the skimmer.

6. Use your ShopVac to remove the water from the the skimmer. If there are two or more skimmers in your pool, you can use a valve to shut off the pumps and blow air from one to the other.

7. A skimmer plug is an integral part of any skimmer. It helps keep the water running smoothly and prevents condensation.

8. Use the winter pool plugs to remove air bubbles from the return lines. This procedure should take about 3 minutes to blow out the bubbles.

9. Open the valve in front of the pump and move the air toward the main drain. Watch the bottom of the pool for bubbles.

10. Return the pump valve to its original position and prevent any leaking. It will also help get the pool started for the new season.


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