How To Save Money On Pool Maintenance

Before the cold weather sets in, it’s time to start thinking about the maintenance of your home. This includes the preparation of your swimming pool for the winter months.

Since winter is the season for keeping swimming pools cool, it is also a good idea to leave the water in the pool during this time.


Proper Water Level Can Protect Your Pool From Damage

Having the proper amount of water in your pool can help prevent damage caused by debris and keep your liner from getting damaged. Having too little water can also cause the pool liner to get damaged.


What Is The Required Water Level?

There are two basic options when it comes to keeping the water levels in your pool. Usually, the first is to completely drain the pool.

Completely emptying the water from your pool is harmful to its structure and other vital components. It is important to leave as much water as possible to allow it to reach its standard height. When draining the water from your pool, make sure to keep the water below the jets and skimmers. This will help prevent the lines from freezing and damage them during the winter.

Pool owners often use an air pillow to keep their pool's ice sheets from forming and spreading. This prevents the pool's opening from getting damaged.

If you plan on draining a pool full of water, you will need a pool cover that can withstand the harsh conditions. Without the proper support of water below, pool covers can easily rip and cause water damage. Also, the dirt particles in the water can become contaminated.

By taking the time to properly close off your pool this fall, you can save money and time next year. Also, keeping it clean and running smoothly will help prevent water damage.



Winterizing your pool with chemicals helps keep it clean and balanced. These products remove algae, dirt, and bacteria from the water.

Follow the instructions on the chlorine bottle to avoid staining the pool liner. Also, make sure that the circulation system is working properly.

The water level also affects the saturation of the pool. If the water is too low, it can cause damage to the lining.


Water Level Is Important

Your pool’s water level is more important than you initially thought. Having the proper amount of water can help prevent pool damages. Having it close correctly can save you a huge amount of money. Follow our step-by-step guide to complete the pool closing process. There are also various ways to do it properly.


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