How to Sanitize a Spa That Has Been Sitting?

It's important to keep the water in the spa fresh and thoroughly clean. If it's been sitting for a long time, the water should be thoroughly scrubbed and filtered.

The water in a spa that's been sitting for a week or more will start to grow algae and bacteria. It can also grow under a dark spa cover.



When it comes to cleaning the hot tub, check that the pump and filter are working. Also, make sure that the water level is high enough to cover the filter.

If the circuit breaker is off, then open the spa cabinet to find the equipment. If the valves are open, then check the surrounding areas for any leaking water.

Using the spa's side control, run the pump at low speed and high speed to dislodge the buildup of fat and debris in the pipes.



Getting rid of the water is the easiest way to get rid of a hot tub that has been on the shelf for a long time. However, if its still looking hazy, try draining the water before going further.

Look for the drainage port or hose of a hot tub or spa. If it's not, try a short hose or a hose attachment at the bottom of the spa. Then, pull the hose out and let the water drain by gravity.

When the water in the spa is draining, try a garden hose to remove any algae, debris, and other impurities. You can also use the same technique to remove the jets and skimmer.



The next step is to purge the spa. This procedure involves adding a chemical to the hot tub's pipes to remove the biofilm, which is formed by the water and air that passes through the pipes.

We recommend using products that are specifically designed to remove organic contaminants from the plumbing of your spa. These products will remove the funk and brown foam from the surface.



Once the water level has dropped, drain the spa and clean it using a hose or a rag. It's time to empty the tub. Use a sponge or a vac to suck the last bits of dirty water from the bottom of the tub.

This product will remove the bacteria and other debris from your hot tub's lines. It will also help keep the water in your home fresh and clean.

Check the water chemistry and adjust the chemicals as needed. Then, add a bromine booster and shock the hot tub with a few tablespoons of spa shock.

A new spa filter is often needed to keep the hot tub water clean and fresh. It should be replaced every 18 months or every 12 cleanings.


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