How To Replace a Jandy AquaPure Tri-Sensor (Errors 172 & 186)

This guide covers the replacement of the Jandy AquaPure Tri-Sensor in a Jandy Fusion Soft Nature 2 System integrated with an AquaLink RS Power Center.Two of the most common error codes on the Jandy AquaPure System are error code 172 and error code 186. Both codes indicate that the Jandy AquaPure Tri-Sensor needs to be replaced. When replacing your Fusion Soft System Tri-Sensor, we highly recommend the new style AquaPure Tri-Sensor R0452500 which has proven to be much more reliable than the older style sensors. Below we have listed the step-by-step instructions for the replacement. Note: the Jandy AquaPure Tri-Sensor is used in several Jandy salt water systems. 

1. TURN OFF POWER - Shut down all breakers to the AquaPure system and circulation pump.

2. UNSCREW POWER CENTER'S COVER - Remove the four (4) screws that secure the power center's cover.

3. LIFT OFF POWER CENTER'S COVER - With the screws removed, the cover should lift off easily.

4. UNSCREW PANEL ASSEMBLY COVER - Remove the two (2) outer screws of the panel assembly cover.

5. LIFT OFF PANEL ASSEMBLY COVER - Rotate the top of the cover out and lift the bottom of the cover out of the slots on the bottom of the frame.

6. UNSCREW TOP OF PANEL ASSEMBLY - Remove the two (2) screws at the top of the panel assembly.

7. FOLD DOWN PANEL ASSEMBLY - Fold down the panel assembly on its hinge to access the chlorine generator power interface board.

8. LOCATE SENSOR CARD - The Tri-Sensor card is in the upper right-hand side of the panel assembly. You may have to move the component in front of it by sliding the component to the left.

9. UNPLUG SENSOR CARD - Using a pair of needlenose pliers, gently rock the card out of its socket.

10. REMOVE CABLE PLUG - Remove the plug at the end of the cable from the tri-sensor card terminal.

11. REMOVE SENSOR CORD - Pull out the tri-sensor cord from the panel port at the bottom of the power center enclosure. Make sure it is free from any other ties or obstructions.

12. REMOVE SENSOR UNION - At the other end of the cord, unscrew the union for the tri-sensor in a counterclockwise direction.

13. REMOVE SENSOR - With the union off, remove the tri-sensor from its port.

14. REMOVE CORD FROM UNION - Pull the tri-sensor cord out of the union.

15. LUBRICATE TRI-SENSOR O-RING - Lubricate the new tri-sensor 0-ring.

16. INSERT O-RING INTO SENSOR GROOVE - Push the tri-sensor O-ring into its groove in the tri-sensor.

17. THREAD NEW CORD THROUGH UNION - Thread the new tri-sensor cord through the union. Make sure the tri-sensor is on the threaded side of the union.

18. PLACE NEW SENSOR INTO PORT - Push the tri-sensor into the port with the label facing up. There is a groove in the port that lines up the sensor. It should go in easily.

19. SCREW ON UNION - Screw the union for the tri-sensor in a clockwise direction. Tighten by hand.

20. INSERT SENSOR CORD - Insert the new female connector from the tri-sensor cable through the bottom of the power center enclosure and up behind the left side of the hinged power assembly. The Sensor Interface Module will remain outside and below the power center.

21. INSERT CONNECTOR - Connect the female connector from the tri-sensor cord into the mating connector on the tri-sensor card.

22. REPLACE TRI-SENSOR CARD - Insert the tri-sensor card back into its socket. Slide back other component that was in front of the tri-sensor card.

23. FLIP UP PANEL ASSEMBLY - Flip the hinged panel assembly up. Check that you don't pinch any wires.

24. SECURE PANEL - Secure the panel assembly with the two (2) screws removed in step 6.

25. REPLACE POWER ASSEMBLY COVER - Place the bottom of the power assembly cover into the bottom slots and rotate the cover up. Secure the cover with two (2) screws.

26. REPLACE POWER CENTER'S COVER - Replace the power center's cover and secure it with four (4) screws.

27. TURN ON BREAKERS - Turn on the breakers to the AquaPure system and pump.

28. CHECK POWER LED - Check that either the second or third LED light is ON to show that there is power to the Tri-Sensor Interface Module.

29. CHECK FLOW LED - Check that the flow LED (first LED) comes on within 5 minutes of operation.

30. CHECK FOR LEAKS - Make sure that the Tri-Sensor port is not leaking.

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