How To Repair a Pool Winter Cover

Tears in your pool’s winter cover can allow dirt and debris into your pool. If the tear is smaller than 7 inches, it can be repaired.

1. Clean the area in need of repair with rubbing alcohol. You will want to clean both the top and the bottom as you will need to apply the patch to both sides. This will clean the surface and allow the patch to adhere to the winter cover’s surface.

2. Measure the length of the tear and cut the patch 2-3 inches larger than the tear.

3. Use a pair of scissors to round the edges of the repair patch. They will help prevent the corners from peeling up.

4. Remove the adhesive backing on the patch. Apply the patch to the cover pressing it firmly into place using a hard surface. Allow the patch to remain undisturbed for 3-5 minutes before applying the patch to the other side.

5. The bond between the patch and the cover will strengthen over the next several hours. Once this time has passed, you can install the winter cover onto the pool.

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