How To Prepare My Pool for a Storm?

Storms are often fascinating to watch, but they can also be destructive. When it comes to keeping your pool clean, prepare for a storm by following these simple steps.

Storms can create a pool environment that is contaminated with debris such as mud, dirt, and bacteria. Aside from keeping your pool debris-free, there are a few things you can do to protect it from potential damage.

  1. Do not drain your pool water.
  2. Leave your pool uncovered.
  3. Balance your water and add algae controller.
  4. Trim branches and limbs from nearby trees.
  5. Turn off the power to pool equipment.


Do Not Drain Your Pool Water

You might be thinking of taking away the water from your pool to prepare for a storm. However, this action can actually cause more harm than good.

Having a pool drain can leave it vulnerable to damage and scratches, and it can also cause it to pop up on a rising water table.

Keeping the water inside your pool, despite the contamination after a storm, will provide an easier clean up.


Leave Your Pool Open

Protect your pool from dust and debris by covering it with an unvented cover. Also, if you're planning on putting in a pool, make sure to avoid placing it over a branch or other debris.

By keeping the cover off during a storm, you will prevent the pool from getting damaged by the rain and debris.


Balance and Control Pool Water

Even though it's not uncommon for pool owners to experience a storm-related pool malfunction, preparing your pool before the event can help minimize the damage caused by the storm.

By balancing the chemistry of your pool with an algae controller, you can eliminate the organic contaminants that are floating in your pool.

Prepare Pool for Storms With Some Routine Clean-UpBefore a storm hits, take apart anything that can get damaged in the event of a pool party or other outdoor event. If possible, store these items in a safe place, such as a basement or a shed.

Never put objects into a pool to protect them from the elements, as this could damage the object and cause serious metal staining issues in your pool water.


If Possible, Trim Branches From Nearby Trees

By removing branches and limbs from trees around your home or pool, you can help protect it from damaging winds and make it more secure. Having a few minutes to trim branches and limbs can also help keep a pool or home safe from intruders.


Turn the Power Off

Even if you turn off the electricity to your pool equipment, you can still damage it by damaging the components. To avoid getting wet, cover the equipment with a waterproof covering.

Even if your pool was prepared for a storm, it's still going to need some cleaning after it hits.


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