How To Maintain A Maytronics Dolphin Cleaner

This guide will help you to learn how easy a Maytronics Dolphin Cleaner is to operate.The Dolphin Advantage Robotic Pool Cleaner is self-contained and fully automatic. Just drop it in your pool, turn it on and leave it for about 5 hours. It computes a path to maximize cleaning and even climbs the walls to scrub and vacuum the entire pool floor, walls and waterline. 

1. One of your first steps in operating a Dolphin Pool Cleaner is to set the diagonal handle. This handle must be changed at the beginning of each cleaning cycle to optimize cleaning and minimize twist in the cable. There are four possible handle positions that control the programmed motion of the pool cleaner. If the handle was on position 1 or 2 on your last cleaning cycle, change the handle position to 3 or 4 for this cleaning cycle. If the last cleaning cycle was set at 3 or 4 , set the handle at 1 or 2. To set the handle, press down on handle clip and position the end of handle in one of the four slots shown at left. Repeat on other side to position the handle diagonally across the top.

2. Position 1 - fast waterline sideways movement left.

3. Position 2 - slow waterline sideways movement left.

4. Position 3 - slow waterline sideways movement right.

5. Position 4 - fast waterline sideways movement right.

6. The blue Power cord is stored coiled. If the cord is twisted from storage or previous use, take the twist out of the cord for best operation.

7. To remove twist, stretch the cord out and flip it counterclock-wise or clockwise as needed.

8. Connect the power cord to the power supply by removing the cap and then pushing and twisting the cord plug onto the power supply recepticle.

9. Plug the power supply into a nearby power outlet. See instructions on the bottom of the power supply to verify power requirements - usually 120V in US. Make sure the power supply is at least 10' from the edge of the pool.

10. Place the Dolphin Cleaner in the pool and rotate it from side to side to release trapped air.

11. Let the Dolphin Cleaner settle to the bottom of the pool.

12. Turn power on at the power supply.

13. The Dolphin Cleaner will crawl along the floor using a self-learning program to optimize cleaning of your pool.

14. When the Dolphin Pool Cleaner comes to a wall, it will square up to the wall and climb it to the surface. At the surface it will either move sideways cleaning the waterline or drop back to the bottom to resume cleaning the pool floor.

15. If the Dolphin Pool Cleaner does not climb the wall, check the filter bag. It may be too heavy and need to be emptied. Also check for debris caught between the track and wheels.

16. The Dolphin Cleaner will operate for 5 hrs then will perform an automatic shut-off. The Cleaner can remain in the pool until you are ready to pull it out. Many people run the cleaner at night and take it out in the morning.

17. To retrieve the Dolphin Pool Cleaner, TURN OFF THE POWER and slowly pull the Cleaner up to the surface with the power cord.

18. To remove the Dolphin Cleaner, pull the Pool Cleaner to the pool's edge, grab the handle, turn the Cleaner 90 degrees, and pull the Cleaner up out of the water. Do not pull the Pool Cleaner up by its power cord.

19. Rest the Dolphin Cleaner on its side to let the water drain out.

20. Store the Pool Cleaner in an area that is out of the direct sun and where the temperature stays above 41 degrees. Place the Cleaner on its side so that its weight does not flatten the brushes.

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