How to Keep My Pool Water Clean With Damaged Equipment?

A pool emergency can happen any time of the year. It can be caused by a variety of factors, such as a power outage or broken lines.

Or maybe your pool’s circulation system got hit by a hurricane or storm. It can suddenly stop working and leave your water murky.


1. Remove Debris From Pool

It’s important to remove as much debris as possible before the entire process begins. This will help prevent the pool from using up its remaining sanitizer.

You can use a leaf bagger or a leaf cleaner to remove the worst of it. They can also be used to help circulate.


2. Sanitize the Water

To maintain a healthy pool, you should regularly test sanitizer levels and keep at least 3-4 ppm of free available chlorine.

It's also fine to test other aspects of your pool's water chemistry once its circulation system is back up and working. However, avoid adding balancing chemicals to the water until it's back to normal.


3. Add Algaecide

If you find yourself in a pool emergency during the middle of summer, you might want to consider using Leslie's Algae Control. This product is non-toxic and can prevent algae outbreaks.


4. Circulate & Agitate the Pool Water

A pool pump is also known to circulate water around the pool. It helps keep the chlorine in the water and prevents algae and bacteria from settling on the surface.

A robotic pool cleaner is another option if you still have power. It works by moving around the pool using its onboard filter. It can also help maintain the water quality by preventing it from running dry.

Plus, these onboard filters can help keep the water in the pool fresh even when the filtration system is offline.

Since there are no other options for pool circulation, look no further than a pool brush. Not only does it keep the algae from staining the pool, it also helps in agitating the water.

Aside from a pool cleaner, there are also various types of leaf baggers that can be used to keep the water moving whenever there's no power. These can be charged using a garden hose or a battery-powered device.


 If you have any other questions about pool and spa products please do let us know - we are here to help!

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