Backyard & Pool Spring Cleaning

It’s finally time to get started on the annual spring cleaning routine. It’s the time to open the windows and get rid of the winter grime. It’s also the perfect time to clean out the rest of the house.


Spring Cleaning for the Pool Area

1. Clean your pool filters

Before the pool season begins, make sure your pool filter is in good condition. It’s important to replace its cartridge if it gets dirty and needs replacing.

DE filter grids should be replaced at least once a decade to avoid losing their filtration efficiency. If you have a sand filter, schedule to replace it every 3-5 years to maintain its efficiency.


2. Equipment Maintenance

Exposing yourself to extremely hot temperatures can damage the components of your pool equipment, such as gaskets and o-rings. Before you fire up the pool, make sure to check all of its components to make sure they're in good working order.

If the o-rings are damaged or missing, replace them with a pool equipment o-ring kit. Also, coat them with pool oil to maintain their elasticity and prevent water damage.


3. Clean the Pool Deck

A dirty pool deck can also cause algae, mold, and debris to enter your pool. It can also make your water look like it has been treated.

Pressure washing a pool is a simple and effective way to clean it. It's also a great way to keep the water in the pool clean.

Follow the pressure wash with a dilute bleach solution to remove any algae or debris from the deck. To keep the deck clean, lightly coat the area with a non-slip broom or a nylon brush.

You can also clean the pool deck using a pressure washer. This method is very effective and will remove any foam that has accumulated.


4. Wash Pool Accessories

Getting rid of pool accessories is as simple as cleaning them. Just like the pool deck, they can bring in unwanted contaminants.

If it's a fiberglass component, add a layer of fiberglass conditioner to prevent UV damage and restore the surfaces. To keep the toys and floats clean, wipe them down with warm water and remove any dirt or residue.


5. Open the Pool

Depending on how well your pool was maintained throughout the winter, it may be an easy one-day task. But, some tasks can require several days or longer.


6. Prepare the Pool for Opening

Before you can open the pool, the cover must be removed. You’ll then need to reconnect the pool equipment.

You’ll also want to check the return lines and the pool skimmer for any winterizing plugs. When the air is gone, turn on the circulation system and close the air relief valve.


7. Test and Balance Pool Water

After a few hours, test strips or a test kit should be used to make sure the water has reached the proper pH and salinity levels.


8. Clean the Pool & Clear the Water

Once the pool has been opened, brush the pool’s surfaces and remove any debris that has accumulated. To shock the pool, use a chlorine shock.

In most cases, we also suggest using a clarifier and algaecide to keep your pool crystal clear. For instance, Leslie's Ultra Bright Advanced can help clear up the water.


9. Pool Opening Help

If you’re new to the pool industry, or just want to learn more about how to properly open a pool, check out our step-by-step guide.

If you're not skilled enough to open a pool on your own, but still want to learn, our experts can help. Just call or stop by any of our local Leslie's stores.


Spring Cleaning for the Backyard & Patio Area

1. Landscaping

Before the swimming season begins, get rid of the weeds and grass that grew between the concrete and paving stones of your pool. Trim the bushes for a clean and organized appearance.

Having branches or limbs that extend over the pool or deck area is a common cause of pool issues. Trim them back to avoid potential issues later. Also, keep them away from the pump basket and the skimmer to prevent accumulation of debris.


2. Outdoor Furniture

It takes a while for your new patio furniture to look its best after being subjected to harsh weather conditions. This is why it’s important to keep your outdoor furniture clean.

To remove the covers, remove the cushions from their seats and wash them with a mild soap and scrub brush. If the cushions are already looking tired, replace them or bring new ones into the house.


3. Patio Surfaces and Awnings

It’s not rare to find bird droppings on the patio or porch of homes and businesses that have been covered in patio covers. These objects attract birds and can create a nest for them.

It’s important to remove all organic debris from the rafters, especially those that have accumulated over time. This can be done in batches or in a regular basis.

This spring cleaning checklist will help get your outdoor area ready for the season. It'll also help prepare for the upcoming summer parties and games.


If you have any other questions about pool and spa products please do let us know - we are here to help!

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