How To Install the Intermatic Pool-Spa Control System for VSpeed Pump

This guide will help you to connect a 240 VAC Variable-Speed Pump to a Intermatic Multiwave Pool/Spa Control System Model # PE653RC. 

1. VIEW STANDARD PUMP CONNECTION - This is how a 240 VAC 1-speed Pump is connected to the PE653RC Control System. Generally a 1-speed pump motor will have two terminals labeled L2 and L1 plus ground. L2 will go to a breaker in the power supply box and L1 will go to terminal 3 of the Control Box. The circuit will be closed with a switch between terminals 2 and 3 as shown. The switch is controlled automatically through a user programmed setting or manually through Button 1. When this circuit is "ON" the LED light above Button 1 will illuminate. Since a VS Pump has its own programming control, it has to be controlled differently and will have a unique control interface to the PE653RC Control System.

2. REMOVE ANTENNA COVER - The VS Pump interface is under the Antenna Cover at the top of the PE653RC Control System. Remove the two screws that secure the cover and lift it off the top of the Control System to access the VS Pump interface.

3. VIEW VS PUMP CONNECTION - This is a view of the VS Pump interface. A standard RS485 communication cable will be connected between this interface and the Control Interface on the VS Pump to provide control data transfers between the Pump and this Control System.

4. VIEW VS PUMP WIRING - This picture shows how the VS Pump is wired to the PE653RC Control System. If you use 240VAC Supply Power to terminals 1 an 2, as shown here, the Voltage Selection Switch must be set at 240V. To wire the VS Pump, connect one end of the RS485 control cable to VS Pump and connect the other end to the VS Pump connector on top of the PE653RC Control System. Refer to the VS Pump manufacturer User's Manual for specific wiring instructions on the Pump end. The cable is Polarity Sensitive and the two wires must be installed correctly for proper operation.

5. ROGRAM VS PUMP OPERATION - The PE653RC Control System Remote Controller is used to program an IntelliFlo® or IntelliPro® VS or VF Pump.  Once programmed ht e Remote Controller can also be used to manually change between four motor speeds by pushing 1 or 4 buttoms. 

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