How To Fix a Pool Spring Flapper Check Valve

This guide will help you to remove and replace the Flapper Mechanism in a Pool Spring Flapper Check Valve.With time, the spring or flapper seal in a pool Spring Flapper Check Valve will deteriorate to the point where the Check Valve will begin to leak and water will start to flow backwards through the pipes when the pump is off. Fortunately, with most Spring Flapper Check Valve designs. you can replace the flapper mechanism without having to replace the whole Check Valve. 

1. TURN OFF PUMP - Before you open up the Check Valve, turn OFF the pump motor at the breaker box to eliminate water pressure.

2. TYPES OF SPRING FLAPPER CHECK VALVES - This picture shows the two popular styles of Spring Flapper Check Valve. Both provide access to the flapper mechanism from the top of the valve. One is screwed down with 8 screws. The other is secured with a more convenient twist on Cover Nut. Although this guide is written with references to the Cover Nut version, it is also applicable for the 8-screw version.

3. REMOVE COVER NUT - Twist the Cover Nut counter-clockwise and lift it off the top of the Check Valve.

4. LIFT OFF COVER/FLAPPER - Lift the cover off the top of the Check Valve. You may have to pry it a little to get it started. The Flapper is attached to the bottom side of the Cover and will come out with the Cover.

5. REMOVE O-RING - Turn the Cover over and remove the Cover O-ring. Replace the O-ring if it is cracked or stretched.

6. IDENTIFY MFG OF CHECK VALVE - At this point you will have to determine what parts are available to repair your Flapper mechanism. For example, Jandy only sells the Flapper assembly integrated with the Cover, where CMP will sell just the Flapper Assembly without having to buy a Cover with it. Check your manufacturer to see what parts are available for your Check Valve. If you have to buy the Flapper Assembly attached to the Cover, skip to Step 14.

7. REMOVE SPRING SHAFT - To remove the Flapper Assembly from the old Valve Cover, first remove the Spring Shaft as shown.

8. DETACH FLAPPER - Lift the spring off of the center post on the Flapper to separate the Flapper from the spring.

9. REMOVE SPRING - Pull the ends of the Spring out of the holes in the Cover. You are now ready to attach the new Flapper Assembly on toi the Cover.

10. INSERT NEW SPRING ENDS - Insert the ends of the new spring into the holes provided in the Cover.

11. POSITION NEW FLAPPER - Place the coiled ends of the Spring inside the Flapper arms and line up the Flapper and Spring with the Cover posts. Flip the looped end of the Spring over the center post of the Flapper. Note: the Flapper Seal should be facing down - not visible in this picture.

12. INSERT SPRING SHAFT - Slide the Spring Shaft through the Cover posts and Flapper/Spring. You may have to jiggle it a little to line it up with al the parts.

13. REPLACE O-RING - Place the O-ring on the rim of the Cover. Lubricate O-ring.

14. REPLACE COVER/FLAPPER - Fold the Flapper down and replace it and the cover into the top of the valve. Make sure the flow arrow is going in the correct direction. Make sure the O-ring is set properly and that the slots on the cover line up with the tabs on the valve body.

15. REPLACE COVER NUT - While holding the cover in place, screw the Cover Nut onto the top of the valve clockwise.

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