How To Change a Broken Grease Fitting On Your Diverter Valve

As your diverter valves get older, the knob on the grease fitting may become brittle and twist off leaving the screwed in section inside the valve. This guide shows you how to extract this piece and replace this knob.

1. VIEW BROKEN GREASE FITTING - This picture shows where the grease filtting typically breaks off at the stem.

2. TURN OFF PUMP - Your first step is to turn the pool pump off at the circuit breaker.

3. RELEASE PRESSURE - Next you will have to relieve any pressure that remains in the pool pump and water lines. To relieve pressure turn the air relief valve on top of the pool filter counter clockwise. You will hear air releasing as you see the pressure on the pressure gauge go to 0 psi. Leave this relief valve open.

4. TAP INTO STEM - With a rubber mallet or hammer, lightly tap the head of the small screw driver into the broken lock knob stem. Be careful not to get into and damage the threads. This will create a slot that you will use to remove the broken stem (similar to the top of a slotted flat head screw.

5. BACK OUT STEM - Slowly back out the broken stem by turning the screw driver counterclockwise. Again be careful not to damage the threads in the body of the valve

6. ADD PLUMBER'S TAPE - Put a couple of layers of plumber's tape on the threads of the new grease fitting. Wrap the threads in a clockwise direction as shown.

7. SCREW IN GREASE FITTING - The grease fitting has two parts: the base that screws into the valve and the cap that screws on top of the base. Screw the base into the valve body ina clockwise direction.

8. FILL GREASE FITTING CAP - Fill the cap of the grease fitting half full of silicon base lubricant.

9. SCREW ON CAP - Screw on cap onto the grease fitting base. - As the cap is screwed it will force grease through the grease fitting base to the square seal of the diverter valve inside the valve.

10. VIEW SQUARE SEAL - The Diverter Valve shown here has been partially disassembled to show what the square seal inside the valve looks like. It is the surface of this seal that is lubricated through the grease port.

11. ROTATE VALVE HANDLE - Rotate the valve handle left and right to distribute the grease across the face of the valve paddle.

12. TURN PUMP ON - Turn the pump back ON at the breaker box.

13. CLOSE RELIEF VALVE - The air relief valve should still be open. As the pressure builds, air will be released through the relief valve. When water starts to spray out of the valve, turn the valve clockwise to close it.

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