How to Connect WhisperFlo and Similar Pumps For 115V

This guide explains you how to change a WhisperFlo pump and other similar pumps from a 230V to a 115V configuration. Like most pumps, the Pentair WhisperFlo pump is shipped from the factory wired for 230V.  The motor on these pumps comes in two different styles to access the wires, one with a small metal door, and one with a full cap. This guide will address both variations.

1. VIEW LIST OF SIMILAR PUMPS - The picture at the left lists the pumps that at similar to the WhisperFlo pump. This guide will work to wire all five pumps for 115V.

2. TURN OFF POWER - Before opening up the back of a motor, shut off all power to the motor at the circuit breaker.

3. VIEW MOTOR STYLES - The styles of two motors addressed in this guide are shown here. Access to the electrical terminals for Style 1 is through a small door in the back of the motor. Access to the electrical terminals for Style 2, is provided by removing the whole back cover.

4. STYLE 1 - REMOVE DOOR COVER - To remove the backdoor cover, loosen the two screws that hold it on and slide the plate away.

5. VIEW 230V WIRING - This picture shows how the internal wires are attached to the four terminals for 230V wiring. This is how the motor will be ship to you. These wires will have to be moved to wire the motor for 115V.

6. MOVE WHITE WIRE - Using a pair of needle-nose pliers, move the clip on the end of the White wire from terminal B to terminal L2.

7. MOVE BROWN WIRE - Using a pair of needle-nose pliers, move the clip on the end of the BROWN wire from terminal A to terminal B.

8. ATTACH BLACK SUPPLY WIRE TO L1 - There are three wires coming into the motor from its supply source. Attach the BLACK supply wire under the screw at terminal L1.
Note, when attaching a wire to a screw, wrap the bare end of the wire under the screw in a clockwise direction. When the screw is tightened, it will pull the wire into the screw and ensure a tighter connection.

9. ATTACH WHITE WIRE TO L2 - Attach the WHITE supply wire under the screw at terminal L2.

10. ATTACH GREEN WIRE TO GROUND - Attach the GREEN supply wire under the screw at the green ground terminal.

11. REPLACE DOOR COVER - Slide the door cover under the two retainer screws. Tighten the screws with a Phillips head screwdriver.

12. STYLE 2 – REMOVE COVER - The back cover of this motor is secured with one screw. Remove the screw and pull the cover straight back off of the motor.

13. VIEW 230V CONFIGURATION - This picture shows the 230V configuration for Style 2. the terminals are labeled: A, L1, L2, and GND. The black dial is indexed at 230 as shown.

14. ROTATE SELECTOR TO 115V - Changing the internal wiring for Style 2 is much simpler than for Style 1. Instead of switching wires, you only have to rotate the selector dial counter-clockwise from a setting of 230 to 115. Use a 1/2" open end wrench.

15. FEED SOURCE WIRES INTO MOTOR - Feed the three supply wires of the power cord into the side port of the motor.

16. ATTACH BLACK WIRE TO L1 - Push the connector on the Black power wire onto terminal L1.

17. ATTACH WHITE WIRE TO L2 - Push the connector on the WHITE power wire onto terminal L2.

18. ATTACH GREEN WIRE TO GROUND - Attach the GREEN wire under the screw at the ground terminal. Note: Terminal A is not used in this wiring configuration.

19. REPLACE COVER - Tuck the wires in and replace the back cover. Secure the cover with the single screw in back.

20. READY TO GO - Your motor is ready to go. Install it into the system piping, prime it, and add power (115V).

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