How to Connect the 18313301 Switch to 115v Flex-48 2-Speed Motors

This guide will help you to wire the toggle switch to 115v Flex-48 2-Speed Motors.The following steps should easily guide you through the installation process.

1. Turn power off at breaker.

2. Loosen the screw from the black motor cap and remove cap.

3. If the motor voltage lines have not already been fed into the motor, it should be done now. This will consist of 3 wires; one hot line (black), one neutral line (white) and one ground line (green).

4. Connect one the neutral line to terminal 2. We used the white line in our example.

5. Connect the ground (green) line to the green terminal screw.

6. With the toggle switch in hand, take the yellow wire from the switch and connect it to terminal 3.

7. Connect the white toggle switch line to terminal 4.

8. Connect the black line from the toggle switch to the black hot line from step 3. The two lines can be joined together using the wire connector included with the toggle switch.

9. Place the toggle switch cap back over the motor and tighten the center screw.

10. If not already done, attach the bonding wire to the motor's bonding lug. The bonding wire will either be exposed copper or a copper wire with a green sleeve. The bonding lug is located at the back of the motor and underneath the cap.

11. Assuming the motor has been bolted to the pump housing, prime the pump and turn the power on at the breaker before starting the motor.

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