How to Clean A Leaf Net

After winterizing your pool with a cover and leaf net eventually a time will come when you need to empty this net of debris. Emptying the leaf net periodically will prevent the fallen leaves from deteriorating your winter cover's material.

1. Tools you will need: 1. At least two people. 2. A trash bag or any receptical to discard the leaf net's contents.

2. Depending upon the proximity of your pool to trees, the time between emptying debris may vary.

3. First do a quick check OF the winter cover to be sure no problems have arisen since the initial installation. Correct any problems where necessary.

4. First, we must untether the leaf cover from the water tubes. Untie the loop handles from around the water tubes and slide the leaf net from under the tubes. This should be done for the entire circumference of the pool.

5. Now that the pool leaf net is free of its moorings it can be pulled off the winter cover.

6. With a person on opposite ends of the pool's length, grab a corner of the leaf net. Walk that side of the net to the other edge of the pool; as if you were folding it. Do not stop pulling off the leaf net until the net is completely off the pool. 

7. In the manner the net was taken off the pool, debris may have already fallen out of the leaf net. In any case, go through and pick out by hand any remaining large debris like acorns, pine cones, rocks or leaves; then discard.

8. While removing the leaf net the winter cover may have been pulled out of place. This is the time to secure any water tubes that are out of line. If you do not complete this step the winter cover may take on water and sink.

9. To re-apply the leaf net, we will complete the same operation as removing the net but in reverse. Lay out the length of the leaf net at pool side. With a person on each side of the leaf net/pool, pull the net over the surface of the pool and winter cover.

10. Slide the water tubes through these loop handles on the leaf net cover. The loops will prevent any rolling if the water tube freezes during the winter. They will also act as extra anchoring if the winter cover slides out from under the tube. Slide and tuck the net under the water tubes as well.

11. Complete an all-points inspection of your winter cover installation. Check the cover to be sure it is evenly covering the pool surface. Inspect and adjust water tubes so that they are tied to and sitting on top of both covers.

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