How To Change Pool Return Jets

This guide explains how to replace your pool return jets. Pool return jets are an integral part of your filtration system and if set properly, increase the circulation of your pool water and disrupts sediment buildup and debris from walls and the floor. Also, if you have an automatic floor vacuum when positioned properly, these jets can help the movement of the vacuum. 

1. Pool return fittings are located on the sides of in-ground pools and come in different eyelet sizes. The most common have an “eyeball” fitting that can be adjusted to point water in the direction you want. Fittings range between 1/2” – 1” and may have a male thread at the base, or a female thread inside the cover of the jet. Most are adjustable and unscrew from the side port fitting in the pool wall. Some are glued into the side port and require finesse and expertise to remove them.

2. We are installing an Infusion Pool Products V-Fitting. This is a unique product that draws water through louvers which increases the directional flow and enhances circulation. They also pull warmer water from the top of the pool and help distribute throughout the pool.

3. To replace these return jets you will need a grip wrench with a rubber adjustment strap. It is not recommended to use pliers as they can damage the surface of the pool.

4. To identify the diameter and thread size of your current jets before buying you will have to remove one of the jets.

5. First turn off the power to the circulation pump at the circuit breaker. It is a lot easier to replace these jets without water going through them.

6. Carefully remove the outer fitting of a jet with the grip wrench turning counter-clockwise. It should come off relatively easily. Don’t force it! If you don’t feel it moving, inspect it carefully to see if it is glued into the fitting (common with older pools). If this is the case, it's best to bring in a service technician to do this properly.

7. Once you have the jet out, compare it to available brands for a match. 

8. When you receive your jets, remove all the old jet with the grip wrench. Remember to turn off the pump.

9. Replace each old jet with a new one. Before you tighten it all the way, face the jets so the water stream circulates clockwise around the pool. Then tighten them up. Don’t overtighten but you do want a nice fit. Keep in mind that children will see these as a toy so discourage this by tightening the jets enough so they can’t unscrew them.

10. Restore power to the pump at the circuit breaker.

If you have any other questions about pool and spa products please do let us know - we are here to help!

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