How To Clean a Jandy AquaPure Ei Salt Chlorine Generator Cell

The following guide explains how to access and clean a Jandy AquaPure Ei cell. During normal operation a white calcium scale will build up on the plates of the electrolytic cell within your jandy aquapure ei salt generator. The cell operates most efficiently when the cell is clean so the manufacturer recommends checking your cell for scale monthly and cleaning the cell as required. 

1. Check the scale buildup on your cell plates. This buildup will be visible without taking your cell apart. A little scale buildup is normal. If the buildup is excessive on the plates or debris has passed though the filter and collected in the cell, the cell must be cleaned.

2. Before you remove the cell, make sure all power to the power pac and the pump has been turned off. Ideally you should turn off power at the circuit breaker.

3. Next release any pressure in the system by opening the relief valve on top of your filter.

4. Remove the terminal jandy aquapure ei cap and cell leads.

5. Remove the cell's locking ring with a counter-clockwise twist. Use the locking ring tool if required.

6. Remove the jandy aquapure ei cell.

7. Replace the terminal cap on the top of the cell and invert the cell.

8. Mix your cleaning solution using 1 part muriatic acid to 10 parts water. CAUTIONS: When using muriatic acid, ALWAYS WEAR protective glasses and gloves. ALWAYS ADD ACID TO WATER. DO NOT ADD WATER TO ACID.

9. With the cell inverted, pour the acid solution into the cell to the top of the electrode plates. Leave the solution in the cell for up to 30 minutes. DO NOT soak for over 30 minutes.

10. Pour the acid solution into your pool and rinse the cell with fresh water.

11. Check the cell's o-ring in the lower clamp. Replace if worn or torn. Lightly lubricate the o-ring.

12. Replace the cell onto the clamp and secure cell with the locking ring. When first positioning the locking ring, remember to align the bump on the top of the locking ring with the high thread on the lower clamp.

13. Use the Locking Ring Tool to tighten the locking ring.

14. Remove the jandy aquapure ei cell cap and attach color-coded cell leads to electrode terminals. Replace cell cap.

15. Restore power at the circuit breaker.

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