How To Clean a Hayward AquaRite Turbo Cell

This guide provides a step-by-step procedure for cleaning a Hayward AquaRite Turbo Cell. With daily use hard mineral deposits will build up on the electrolytic plates of the cell. The manufacturer recommends checking the Hayward AquaRite Turbo Cell 3-4 times a year and cleaning it with a solution of water and muriatic acid to descale any deposits as required.

1. Your first step in cleaning the Hayward AquaRite Turbo Cell is to turn off the power to the pump and Chlorine Salt Generator. Ideally this should be done at the circuit breaker.

2. Next, relieve the water pressure in the pool line. In this case, since this system does not have a relief valve, we will relieve the pressure by slowly unscrewing one of the unions on the Hayward AquaRite Turbo Cell.

3. Remove the AquaRite Turbo Cell by unscrewing the two unions on either side of the cell and lifting the cell out. Be careful when you pull the cell out that you keep track of the O-rings in each of the unions. They sometimes fall off.

4. Inspect the two union O-rings for breaks or stretching. Replace them if required.

5. Reseat the O-rings in the grooves of the unions.

6. Inspect both ends of the cell for debris and use a power garden hose to flush out the debris.

7. Put on rubber gloves and eyeware to make the muriatic acid solution. In a clean bucket, mix a quart of acid solution. Put 4 cups of water in the bucket first then add a cup of acid. ALWAYS ADD ACID TO WATER - NEVER ADD WATER TO ACID.

8. This picture shows a packaged product called GLX-CELLSTAND. It is used to simplify the cleaning process by closing off the lower end of the Turbo Cell and keeping it upright. See part # 2804-33 on our website.

9. Check that the O-ring at the bottom of the cell stand is completely seated in its groove.

10. Screw the bottom of CELLSTAND onto the Turbo Cell with the cord side up.

11. Carefully pour the acid solution into the top of the Turbo Cell up to top of the electrolytic plates. Be careful not to get any of the acid solution on the cord. Let the acid solution sit for 10 minutes.

12. Pour the acid solution back into the bucket.

13. Unscrew the CELLSTAND off the bottom of the Turbo Cell. Use your rubber gloves and watch where the acid solution drips when you separate the units.

14. Rinse the acid solution off of the cell and flush the electrolytic plates.

15. Check both ends of cell for any remaining deposits. If you still see hard deposits, repeat the cleaning process.

16. After you are satisfied that the cell plates are clear, prepare to replace the Turbo Cell by first lubricating the union O-rings with a thin coat of silicone lubricant.

17. Replace the Turbo Cell and HAND TIGHTEN the union rings.

18. Prime your system and turn on the power to the pump.

19. Dispose of the acid solution safely by pouring it into pool.

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