How To Choose a Proper Pool Chlorinator

This Guide will help you to select the best chlorinator for your pool.When choosing a chlorinator for your pool, several factors come into play before deciding which one is right for you. How big or small does my chlorinator need to be? How many tablets will it take? Will I need to re-plumb my line to fit the chlorinator in with my other systems? These questions, and many more, often make choosing a chlorinator more difficult than it actually is. 

1. What type of pool do you have? Determine whether you need to buy a chlorinator for an above ground pool or an in-ground pool. Some chlorinators are designed for both. However, some are specifically designed.

2. Next, determine the size of your pool. You will need to calculate the number of gallons your pool holds. The number of gallons helps determine how big or small the chlorinator needs to be to accurately keep your pool at safe levels.

3. Next, as a customer, you need to consider branding your pool. Not all chlorinators were created equal. Do your research on the different brands that are available to you. Choosing a more known brand sometimes ensures that replacement parts are more readily available and easier to find. Also, keep in mind some chlorinators offer a longer, more extensive warranty policy.

4. When researching various brands, you need to consider any additional features the chlorinator may or may not have. Some chlorinators come with unions, while others require you to buy them separately. Another thing to pay attention to is the size of your plumbing. If you do not want to re-size your plumbing or buy additional fittings, you will need to buy a chlorinator that will match up with your existing equipment.

5. Next, determine whether you need an inline or offline chlorinator. Ask yourself, do you have room to put the chlorinator in line with the rest of your pool equipment? Or, will I have to connect a bypass line to the plumbing for the chlorinator?

6. Finally, once you have selected your chlorinator, do not forget to double check the specifications. Make sure the chlorinator you chose is accurate for your type of pool. (in-ground or above ground) Ensure the size of your chlorinator will properly chlorinate your pool based on the number of gallons. Also, double check the pipe size to ensure no additional parts are needed for installation.

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