How to Change the Units of Measurement on an Aqua Rite SCG

This guide shows you how to change the units of measurement on a Hayward / Goldline Aqua Rite Salt Chlorine Generator between US Standard and Metric units. For US Standard, the units for Temperature and Salt levels are Fahrenheit and ppm respectively. For Metric, the units for Temperature and Salt levels are Celsius and g/l respectively.

1. Push 1 - To set up for changing units, push the Diagnostic Button one time to display water temperature. The temperature shown is 89 degrees Fahrenheit.

2. SLIDE MAIN SWITCH UP - Slide the Main Switch from Auto to Super Chlorinate. You will see the temperature change to 32 degrees Celsius.

3. SLIDE THE MAIN SWITCH DOWN - Slide the Main Switch back down to "Auto" to save the new units change. Note: this will also change Salt Level Units to Metric values.

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