How To Change the Tires on a Polaris ATV Suction Cleaner

This guide will walk you through replacing the Tires. After daily use, the Tires on your Polaris ATV Suction Cleaner will wear out and have to be replaced. 

1. ORDER PARTS - The first step is to order the parts you will need. The only parts you may need for this procedure are the three Polaris ATV Suction Cleaner TIRES. The prices quoted are per Tire.

2. REMOVE TIRES - Turn the Polaris ATV Suction Cleaner on its side. Now peal the tire off the Wheel Assembly. The Tire should come off easily on either side of the Wheel Assembly rim.

3. REPLACE TIRE - Wrap the new Tire onto the Wheel Assembly. Check to make sure the Tire is evenly applied on the Wheel. Repeat for other two Tires as required.

4. REPAIR IS COMPLETE - That's all there is to exchanging a Tire Your Polaris ATV Suction Cleaner is ready to go.

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