How To Change the Navigator Pool Cleaner A-Frame Assembly

In this "how to" we will guide you through how to extract and replace the Navigator's A-Frame Assembly.If your Hayward Navigator Pool Cleaner stops moving, one of the parts to look at is the Navigator's A-Frame. The A-Frame rides on top of the Main Turbine with a toggling motion that translates to the pods and four shoes. Over time, the four wheels on the A-Frame wear, begin to freeze up and need to be replaced. 

1) Phillips screwdrivers small and medium.
2) Flat headed screwdriver.
3) Thin walled socket fitting
4) A work area where you can spread out. TIP: It is very important that you are careful when taking this apart. Have two or three containers to put the parts in to keep track of them.

2. REVIEW PARTS LIST - Here is a parts list for the inside of a Hayward Navigator Cleaner.

3. REMOVE COVER ASSEMBLY - Turn the Navigator upside down and remove the Cover Assembly in the center. The screw will not come out all the way but you should be able to lift the cover out.

4. REMOVE CORNER SCREWS - Remove the four corner screws that hold the Middle Body and Lower Body together. You may have to hold the front flap back to access the front screws. Put the screws and plug into the #1 container.

5. SEPARATE MIDDLE BODY AND LOWER BODY - Pull the two sections apart. Once apart, they will look like this; the Middle Body on the left; and the Lower Body on the right. As you separate the two section, note how the wheels on the A-Frame in the Lower Body ride on the Main Turbine of the Middle Body.

6. TURN OVER LOWER BODY - Turn over the Lower Body to expose the A-Frame Assembly. The A-Frame Assembly is actually composed of two section, the left side with two wheels and the right side with two wheels.

7. REMOVE CENTER PLATE - Remove the single screw that holds down the blue-green Center Plate in the middle of the A-Frame Assembly. Lift off the Center Plate.

8. REMOVE POD PLUGS - Gently pry off the right Pod Plug with a flat screwdriver. Work one side and then the other. Then remove the left Pod Plug.

9. REMOVE POD SCREWS - Removing the Pod Plugs will expose the screws that secure the Pods to the Lower Body. Remove the screws on both pods. You will need a thin-walled socket fitting to reach the screws.

10. PRY OFF PODS - Each Pod is attached to the left and right shafts of the left and right A-Frame Sections. Use a large flat-headed screwdriver to gently pry off each pod. Work one side of the Pod, then the other to rock it off. Remove the other Pod.

11. REMOVE A-FRAME SECTIONS - One end of each A-Frame Section lays in the slot of the blue-green bearing. To remove the A-Frame, first lift the end of the A-Frame shaft up out of the slot, then pull the other end of the shaft out of the blue-green collar towards the center of the body. Repeat for the other A-Frame Section.

12. LIFT OUT BEARING - Lift the blue-green bearing straight up to remove it from the Lower Body.

13. PULL OUT GREEN COLLARS - Remove each of the blue-green Collars by pulling them out from the outside of the Lower Body. Note that there is a flat part on both the Collar and the Collar hole. These will have to line up when you inset the new Collars.

14. REVIEW PARTS - This is a picture of all the A-Frame parts as they were disassembled.

15. INSERT NEW COLLARS - Place the new blue-green Collars into the side holes of the Lower Body. Make sure the flat surfaces line up.

16. INSERT NEW BEARING PLATE - Place the blue-green Bearing plate down into the center slot of the Lower Body.

17. INSERT NEW A-FRAMES - Place the new A-Frame Section shafts into the Collars and push the other end of the shafts into the slots of the Bearing Plate.

18. SECURE CENTER PLATE - Screw the top of the Center Bearing Plate into place with the single screw.

19. SCREW ON OLD PODS - Push each of the Pod onto the ends of the A-Frame shafts and secure them with the screws. Snug the screw in but don't over torque it or you will strip the treads. Also, check that the Pods are attached to the correct sides. There is a right Pod and a left Pod (as labeled on the wings). The "right side" is on the right when the screen end of the cleaner )back side) is next to you.

20. REPLACE PLUGS - Push the new Pod Plugs into their holes.

21. JOIN LOWER BODY TO MIDDLE BODY - Put the Lower Body back on taking care that the black wheels fit snuggly on the outside of the Main turbine. DO NOT FORCE. It should just drop in but you may have to wiggle it a bit.

22. TOGGLE PODS - Toggle the ends of the Pods to make sure they move freely. If not, reposition the Lower Body onto the Middle Body.

23. REPLACE CORNER SCREWS - Secure the Lower Body to the Middle Body with the four corner screws.

24. REPLACE COVER ASSEMBLY - Replace the Cover Assembly and secure it with the single screw.

25. TEST CLEANER - Once the Middle Body and Lower Body are screwed together, toggle the Pods one more time to make sure they move freely. Your repaired Navigator Cleaner should be ready to go.

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