How To Change the Governor on an AO Smith Motor

This guide will walk you through replacing a damaged Governor on a typical A.O. Smith Motor. This Governor is only used with motors that have a start circuitry to boost starting torque.

1. REMOVE ELECTRICAL COVER - Remove the two screws that secure the electrical cover on the electrical end of the motor. Lift off the cover.

2. LOCATE GOVERNOR - This picture shows the location of the Governor within the electrical components of the motor.

3. REMOVE START SWITCH - To access the governor, first remove the Start Switch as shown. It is secured with a single screw. Push it aside. It does not have to be disconnected from its wires.

4. MOVE CAPACITOR - Next, release the motor capacitor from its bracket by removing the single screw at the top of the bracket. Push the capacitor to the side as shown. It does not have to be disconnected.

5. REMOVE GOVERNOR SPRINGS - Now, using a pair of small needle nose pliers, slip the loops of the governor springs off of their post and remove the springs.

6. REMOVE GOVERNOR WEIGHT - Remove the governor weight that pivot inside the governor bracket. You may have to apply slight pressure with the needle nose pliers to spread the bracket enough to slip out the weight.

7. REMOVE GOVERNOR BRACKET - The screw (right-hand threads) that secures the governor bracket to the shaft should now be visible. Remove the screw and take out the bracket. You will have to slide a wrench onto the flat part of the motor shaft to keep the shaft from rotating.

8. VIEW DISASSEMBLED REAR END - From this picture you can see the motor shaft without the Governor attached.

9. DISASSEMBLE NEW GOVERNER - Take the new Governor apart to be able to attach the Governor Bracket to the motor. Remove Springs; remove Governor Weight.

10. ATTACH NEW GOVERNOR BRACKET - Screw the Governor Bracket back onto the motor shaft. Slip a flat open-ended wrench on to the flat part of the motor shaft to keep the shaft from rotating.

11. ATTACH GOVERNOR WEIGHT - Force the Governor Weight back into the Governor Bracket. You may have to spread the sides of the Bracket slightly to slide the Weight into its pivot holes.

12. ATTACH GOVERNOR SPRINGS - Using a pair of small needle nose pliers, reattach the Springs on the posts of the Bracket and Weight.

13. SECURE CAPACITOR - Replace the Capacitor and screw the holding bracket down with the single screw.

14. SECURE START SWITCH - Reattach the Start Switch with the single screw. If your motor is produced before November 2001, this Start Switch may have to be adjusted for optimum operation.

15. REPLACE ELECTRICAL COVER - Replace the electrical cover at the rear of the motor and secure it with two screws.

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