How To Change the Brushes On a Polaris 9300 Robotic Pool Cleaner

This manual explains you how easy it is to replace brushes. After a couple of years of use, the brushes on your Polaris 9300 Robotic Pool Cleaner will wear down to the point that they will have to be replaced. Zodiac recommends that you replace the brushes every two years. 

1. Order a set of brushes so that you have them on hand when you pull the worn ones off the Polaris 9300 Robotic Pool Cleaner.

2. Ensure that power to the cleaner has been shut off. Disconnect the Control Box power cord from the electrical outlet.

3. Disconnect the cleaner cable from the Polaris 9300 control box by twisting the collar counter-clockwise and pulling the cable plug off the connection.

4. Lift the Polaris 9300 Robotic Pool Cleaner up to a vertical position to make the brushes more accessible.

5. Rotate one side of the brushes so that the brush seam in visible.

6. The brush is held together by tabs at 3 points. Separate the seam of the brush by pulling the 3 tabs out of their slots.

7. Pull the brush away from roller.

8. To install the new brush, slide the brush under the roller with the nubs up, spikes down.

9. Place each of the three tabs into their respective slots and gently pull them through until the flange part of the tabs comes out at the other side of each slot.

10. With a pair of wire cutter or scissors cut each of the three tabs 3/4" from the flange so that the tabs are no higher than the spikes.

11. Repeat this process to install the other brush.

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