How To Change an AutoPilot Salt Cell

The following guide will walk you through replacing an AutoPilot Salt Cell. A salt chlorine generator cell will last about 3 -5 years before it has to be replaced. 

1. The first step in replacing the Turbo Cell is to turn off the power to the pump and Chlorine Salt Generator. Ideally this should be done at the circuit breaker. The controller display should go blank.

2. Open the air relief valve located on top of the pool filter. This will release the pressure from the system and make it easier to remove the cell.

3. Unplug the cell cord from the AutoPilot salt cell.

4. Unscrew the two unions on the salt cell. We recommend using a strap wrench or large channel locks if the unions cannot be removed by hand.

5. Remove the Auto Pilot salt cell from the manifold.

6. Place the new salt cell onto the manifold. The cell can be placed on the manifold in any position. There is no up or down direction for the cell.

7. Tighten the two unions. This can be done by hand. The unions do not need to be overtightened with a wrench.

8. Plug the cell cord back onto the AutoPilot salt cell.

9. Turn power back on to the pool pump and salt chlorine generator. The controller should light up and the pool pump should operate.

10. Any air in the piping should be coming out of the open relief valve. When water starts to spray out of the relief valve, shut the valve off.

11. After a couple minutes the AutoPilot control box should display the output level, time, and temperature.

If you have any other questions about pool and spa products please do let us know - we are here to help! 

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