How To Change an AutoPilot Digital Control Board

The following guide presents how to replace the 833N.The Digital Control Board (833N) for the AutoPilot DIG220 will occasionally fail. Most of the time this is due to an electrical surge. 

1. TURN OFF THE POWER TO THE TIMER BOX. There should be a circuit breaker before the timer box where the power can be turned off.

2. Loosen the four black knobs on the control box. There are two located on each side. The black knobs only need to be loosened and not removed.

3. Pull the AutoPilot cover away from the control box. There are still cables connected to the cover so do not pull too far away from the box.

4. Remove the black plug from the upper left corner of the control board (833N).

5. Remove the gray plug from the bottom left corner of the control board. The black tabs holding the gray plug in place will need to pressed outward in order to remove the plug.

6. The AutoPilot cover can now be completely removed. Place the cover on a firm surface with the control board facing up.

7. With a small phillips head screwdriver, remove the four screws located on the digital control board.

8. Pull the 833N control board out of the AutoPilot control box cover.

9. Place the new 833N board into the cover and line it up with four screw holes.

10. Secure the control board by tightening the four small screws with a phillips head screwdriver.

11. Plug the gray plug into the bottom left corner of the control board and press the two black tabs inward.

12. Press the black plug into the top left corner of the digital control board.

13. Place the cover onto the AutoPilot digital control box.

14. Tighten the four black knobs and secure the cover in place.

15. Turn on the power at the circuit breaker.

16. The digital read-outs of the output level, time, and temperature should now be properly displayed on the screen (displays will vary depending on version). The 833N AutoPilot board has been properly installed and you can now continue to enjoy the benefits of a salt water pool.

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