How to Change an Aquabot Classic Robotic Pool Cleaner Drive Track

This guide will help you to learn how to replace the Drive Tracks on your Aquabot Classic Robotic Pool Cleaner. If your Aquabot Classic Robotic Pool Cleaner is not climbing the pool walls, or is not able to gain traction on the pool floor, the Drive Tracks may have been worn down or stretched to the point where they will have to be replaced. 

1. BUY PARTS - If you are replacing one Drvie Track, you should also replace the other. Order two Drive Tracks so they will be  on hand when you start this procedure.

2. TURN OFF POWER - Unplug the Cleaner's Power Supply from the GFCI wall outlet.

3. PLACE CLEANER ON ITS SIDE - Place the Cleaner on its side on a soft surface to access one of the Drive Tracks. This picture identifies the main components addressed in this guide.

4. PRY BELT OFF WHEEL - Pry the edge of the Drive Track off the front side of the Wheel Tube and over the lip of the Side Plate.

5. ROTATE BRUSH - Rotate the Scrubbing Brush away from you to walk the Drive Track off the Wheel Tube and past the edge of the Side Plate.

6. REMOVE DRIVE TRACK - Lift the Drive Track off of the other  Wheel Tube and Drive pulley.

7. PLACE NEW DRIVE TRACK ON  WHEEL - Hook the new DriveTrack  over one Wheel Tube and the Drive Pulley.

8. PUSH NEW TRACK ONTO WHEEL - Force the new Drive Track over the lip of the Side Plate and partially onto the other Wheel Tube.

9. ROTATE BRUSH - Rotate the Scrubbing Brush towards you to walk the Drive Track the rest of the way onto the Wheel Tube.

10. CHECK POSITION OF TRACK ON DRIVE PULLEY - Make sure the Drive Track is centered on the Drive Pulley.

11. CHECK POSITION OF TRACK ON WHEEL TUBES - Make sure the Drive Track is centered on both Wheel Tubes.

12. REPEAT FOR OTHER DRIVE TRACK - Repeat Steps 3-11 to replace the other Drive Track.

13. READY TO GO - Turn your Cleaner upright, place it in the water and plug it in.

If you have any other questions about pool and spa products please do let us know - we are here to help!

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