How to Change a Hayward Tiger Shark Side Cover

This instruction will help you to replace a Side Cover on your device. The Hayward Tiger Shark Side Cover is not use for only aesthetic reasons it is also meant to protect bearings and drive belt when the cleaner is operational, if this cover is damaged it may cause your Tiger Shark cleaner to malfunction.

1. In preparation of replacing your side cover, you will need to remove the Tiger Shark Pool Cleaner Handle, locate the screws on each arm and remove. Replacement Tiger Shark Pool Cleaner Side Cover part #: 3276-041, Handle part #: 3276-078

2. Removing the Tiger Shark pool cleaner Bottom Lid Assembly is done by unfastening the locking clips on each side of the bottom panel, then using the bar between the vents as a grip, then pulling out. At this point you can check the condition of your Tiger Shark cleaner filter cartridge to see if it requires changing, we have a "How to" on replacing that as well. Replacement Tiger Shark Pool Cleaner Locking Plate part #: 3276-074, Bottom Lid part #: 3276-072

3. Having removed the cartridge filter you should be seeing the Hayward Tiger Shark Cleaner Motor Unit as shown in the picture. On either side of the motor housing side cover you will see seven screws. Remove these to release the side panel. Replacement Tiger Shark Pool Cleaner Side Cover Screws part #; 3276-031

4. Actually removing the side cover from its supports is next. You may need a flat-head screwdriver to separate the side cover from the main housing of the Tiger Shark Cleaner.

5. This is what a Hayward Tiger Shark Pool Cleaner's Drive Belt and Drive Shaft should look like once the side cover is removed, inspect these parts to ensure they are still operational before installing the new Tiger Shark Side Cover. Replacement Tiger Shark Pool Cleaner Drive Belt part #: 3276-050, Drive Pulley part #: 3276-053, Guide Roller part #: 3276-051, Idler Wheel part #: 3276-052

6. To install the new side cover, align the supports on the side cover with the holes on the cleaner and Tiger Shark Wheel Tube. Replacement Tiger Shark Pool Cleaner Wheel Tube Assembly part #: 3276-054

7. With panel in place secure it with the screws from inside the cleaner's housing.

8. Reinstall the Bottom Lid Assembly by placing the cartridge into the cleaner first, then the bottom lid on top of that, and secure with screws.

9. Finally you can reattach the Tiger Shark Cleaner Handle, once in place you can resume operation of your Hayward Tiger Shark.

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