How to Change a DE Filter Body O-Ring

This guide will take you step by step through replacing a DE Filter Body O-Ring. If your D.E. filter is leaking from the seam where the two halves of your filter meet then you may have a bad filter body O-ring. Another sign may be that you hear a gurgling or sucking sound from the filter. Some steps may vary depending on your filter make and model.

1. Tools you will need: 1) Wrench - medium 2) Rubber Mallet or Ball Peen Hammer - medium 3) Pliers 4) Dust mask to protect yourself from any dangerous inhalation of particles

2. First, before disassembling your filter or changing the valve lever position turn off your pool pump to prevent any excessive water loss or safety hazards.

3. Now that your water is no longer circulating through your filter system, switch your valve to the "Closed" position. When changing your valve setting be sure to always turn the lever in the same direction. By using clockwise and counter clockwise turns of the lever you may cause unseating of the valve key gasket. This unseating may cause leakage from your waste port.

4. Before disassembling the body of your filter you will want to drain the system of its water. Locate the drain plug for your D.E. filter it will be on the lower portion of the filter. In our model it is located here. Wait until the pool filter has completely drained before moving forward.

5. Now that your water has been drained from your pool filter the next step will be to remove the locking clamp. On our filter model it is located here.

6. This clamp assembly is held together by a nut and bolt set up (Your filter clamp may vary from this model.)

7. To remove the nut you will need pliers to loosen the nut at first, at a certain point you should be able to hand turn it until it is off.

8. Once the nut is extracted you will be able to swing the bolt out and over to the opposite side and out of his guide.

9. The next bolts to loosen will be the ones on the back of the filter that hinge the two pieces of the clamp together.

10. Again, loosen these with pliers until the metal flange can jiggle. it would be best not to remove these bolts completely as they can be hard to reassemble.

11. The clamp more than likely will still be tightly bound to the D.E. filter at this point. Take a rubber mallet and gently the two pieces in front apart until they release from the body.

12. After removing the clamp from the body of the D.E. pool filter the two halves will more than likely be sealed together.

13. A way of releasing its grip is by tamping it with a rubber mallet preferably or very gently with a regular hammer. be careful not to strike filter too hard as you may damage the shell.

14. After tamping the entire circumference once or twice you should be able to lift the top half off by using the handles of the filter.

15. On the lip of the bottom half you will find the D.E. Filter Body O-ring. Remove the O-ring and discard.

16. Before placing the new gasket in its place, clean out any debris or dirt that may have settled in the groove.

17. After cleaning the groove of the gasket, use a lubricant on the groove to ensure a proper seal on the gasket is applied. Magic Lube O-ring part #: 630

18. Now to place the new pool filter O-ring in the into the gasket groove. With the size of the O-ring you may need another person to help secure it all down into place.

19. Now the gasket has been properly seated into its groove, re-install the top half of the shell.

20. Now to install the new clamp assembly. Firstly, have the bolt in place before attempting to install the clamp it should look.

21. With the bolt in place wrap the clamp around the body seam.

22. While holding these two pieces together begin to screw the nut onto the clamp bolt, do so until tight. You will require pliers or a wrench to do this step.

23. And last, you must re-tighten the bolts on the back of the clamp.

24. Check for any loose parts or obvious unsecure pieces, if you do not then you can proceed restarting your pool. Before starting your pump open your valve to the "Filter" position in the same direction you used to close it. Next you can turn on your pump and continue to enjoy your pool.

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