How To Change a Compupool CPSC Fuse

This guide explains you how to check and replace a blown fuse. If the LED lights and display on your Compupool CPSC unit are all off, you may need to replace the fuse in the Power Pack. Note: Fuses were only used in the Compupool Power Packs prior to 2010. After 2010 the fuse was replace with a circuit breaker.

1. ORDER PARTS - Order parts ahead of time to have them on hand. The only part you will need for this replacement is the "Fuse".

2. TURN OFF POWER - Turn off all power to the Compupool Salt Chlorine Generator and pump. If possible, turn the power off at the circuit breaker. Make sure power is OFF and cannot be accidentally turned on while you are changing the cell cord. This is 240V. If you are unfamiliar with electricity, have an electrician help you with the electrical changes.

3. UNSCREW CONTROL UNIT - Remove the four screws that hold the Control Unit onto the wall plate - two on the top and one on each side of the Unit at its base.

4. REMOVE CONTROL UNIT - Take the Control Unit off the wall and lay it on its back. I used a portable bench here because of the short power cord.

5. REMOVE BOTTOM SCREWS. - Remove the 6 screws that hold the gray Housing Cover onto the base of the Control Unit.

6. REMOVE HOUSING COVER - Turn the Control Unit over and lift of the Housing Cover. Place the Housing Cover upside down next to the Control Unit. You will see the Fuse in the Power PCB at the bottom of the Power Pack.

7. INSPECT FUSE - Look at the fuse. If it is blown , the glass is usually dirty and the thin wire inside the fuse is broken.

8. REMOVE FUSE - To remove the fuse from its brackets, gently pry under one metal end with a small screwdriver.

9. REPLACE NEW FUSE - The number of the fuse is etched in the metal end. Replacement fuse are as follows:
3.15 amp slow blow fuse for the CPSC08, CPSC16 and CPSC24 units wired at 220V
5 amp slow blow fuse for the CPSC16, CPSC24, CPSC36, CPSC48 wired at 110V
5 amp slow blow fuse for the CPSC36 and CPSC48 wired at 220V

10. REATTACH HOUSING - Place the Housing Cover onto the Control Unit. Tuck in all wires and make sure they are not pinched. Then turn the Unit over and secure the housing to the Control Unit base with six screws.

11. REMOUNT CONTROL UNIT - Place the Control Unit back on the wall panel and secure it with four screws.

12. CHECK OPERATION - Turn the power to the Control Unit ON and check its operation. After flashing for a short time, the Power On and one of the Polarity LEDs should come on. You should also see information on the display.

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