How do you know when to replace the spa filter?

We spend a lot of time thinking about the various components of a spa filter cartridge. As a result, we often get asked about this topic.

How do I know when to replace a spa filter? Aside from the obvious signs of total failure, how can you tell when its filter has begun to diminish?

How Long Do Spa Filters Last? You may not realize that once you clean the cartridge, its fibers are stretched apart a bit more, which helps keep the dirt from trapping.

By the time you clean your cartridge, it's usually too late to prevent it from leaking. Having a set schedule for cleanings can help determine when it's time to replace the cartridge.


How Often Do You Clean It?

A good way to tell when the spa filter is half-life is by looking at the time interval between cleanings. Usually, it takes around two weeks for the cartridge to dissolve after a monthly cleaning.


Spa Water Clarity

You can measure the effectiveness of your cartridge by looking at the water in your spa. This will help determine if it's as clear and sparkly as you desire, or if it's dull and dirty.

You may find that compensating for a weak spa filter causes you to use more sanitizer or run the filter longer to achieve the same level of water clarity.


Spa Filter Tips

To help your spa or hot tub filters last longer, follow these tips:

Always have a spare spa filter to use while cleaning and drying the dirty spa filter.

- Drying after cleaning helps kill any remaining bacteria and contaminants.

- Use a spa filter cleaner every 3-6 months to remove oils and mineral deposits.

- Don't use a brush while cleaning, and don't use a pressure washer.

- Don't use any household chemicals, soaps or detergents.

It's important that you replace the filter cartridges for your spa at least 12-24 months. These are the parts that keep your spa running smoothly and smelling fresh.


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