How Can You Avoid Common Pool Problems During Winter?

It's time to get your pool and spa in tip-top shape for the cooler months. It's easy to ignore the pool care basics when the weather cools down. However, staying on top of your pool's care can make all the difference. Even with the unpredictable weather, it's still important to keep your pool in good condition. Not being careful about the pool can cause algae to build up and debris to appear. Also, strong winds can cause dirt and leaves to pile up in the pool.


  • pH level: The pH level of pool water should be between 7.2 and 7.6. Take a sample and bring it to a local pool store.
  • It's important to keep the pool clean to prevent algae from growing. To get the most out of your pool, make sure to vacuum and brush the walls and floor thoroughly.
  • Protect the filter from oil and grease deposits by cleaning it regularly.
  • A shock treatment is often added to a pool during winter. It's important to ensure that the treatment is well distributed throughout the pool.
  • Use an algaecide that's good for your pool
  • To keep your pool clean and free of chemicals, it's important to maintain a constant level of 2 to 3 PPM of chlorine. If you use a pool blanket, reduce the output to 1-2 PPM to prevent high levels of chlorine from occurring.
  • Keep the pH and Total Alkalinity levels at a level that's ideal for your pool or spa. If the levels are too low, your pH can swing wildly.
  • Set the filter to run for several hours each day. It should also be turned on during off-peak times.
  • Cover the pool: This will prevent water loss and also stop debris from entering the pool. Ensure you have a good quality pool blanket or cover
  • Your pool maintenance schedule should be done once a week to ensure that it's working properly. This is also a good time to perform a quick visual inspection to make sure that all of your equipment is working correctly.



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