Essentials of  Pool Maintenance. Part I: Circulation

This guide will teach you about the basic chemistry of swimming pools. It will help you keep your pool looking its best.

When it comes to keeping your pool looking great, it's important to keep your water moving and clean. You'll also need to make sure that the debris is removed and the dead spots are cleaned.

Today we're talking about the first step to keeping your pool clean and clear is to make sure your water is circulating properly.



The circulatory system of a pool consists of several components. These include the pumps, the filter, the jets, and the skimmer. If they are not working properly, your pool's water quality will suffer.

  • Pump sucks water from pool through skimmer (usually a rectangular door)
  • Water travels through pump into filter
  • Filter cleans out particles that are making your water dirty
  • Water is pushed back into pool through pool jets

The pump works by pushing water through a filtration system, which removes dirt, debris, and other contaminants. The water then flows back to the pool.


Run the Pump

Duration: 8-12 hours per day

The more you run your filter, the cleaner your water will be. It can also help you avoid having to spend a lot of time cleaning and balancing your water. A variable speed pool pump is a great investment because it can run at a lower speed all day long and make less noise.


Backwash and Clean the Filter

Frequency: When filter gauge reads about 10 psi higher than normal

If your pump gauge is over 10 psi higher than the normal reading, then it may be time to clean your filter. If it's a cartridge filter, then it will need to be cleaned.


Clean the Skimmer Basket

Frequency: 1-2 times per week

Skimmer and pump baskets are very important components of a swimming pool. They should be regularly cleaned to keep them working properly. Also, keep in mind that frogs can get stuck in the skimmer. They will want to be removed in a timely manner.

To clean the skimmer basket, simply turn off your pool pump and empty the removable basket under the skimmer lid, then replace.

You can also clean the pump basket on your pool pump by doing so once a couple of times a year. This will help remove the debris that collects on it.


Angle the Jets

Make sure that the jets are pointing away from the skimmer so that the water cycles in a circle. This will help keep the debris out and make it easier for the skimmer to get started. If there are parts of your pool that are hard to get water, such as the ladders, the steps, and the corners, angle them towards these areas as well.


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