Eight Steps to Close Your Inflatable or Intex Pool for A Cold Winter

This is the time of year that many of us look forward to. Preparing for it can be a bit challenging, but there are a few steps to get done right.


Remove All Debris

You can use elbow grease to clean the pool’s debris, but be sure to use a telescopic pole and a pool cleaner if you have one.

You probably think that draining a pool is just a waste of time. But, in reality, it’s important to clean up the water before you plug the drain.


Time for Drain

This step will help prevent accidental activation of the pool's pumps and circulation system. It's also important to remove any other attached equipment from the pool.

Draining an above-ground pool is also ideal if you haven’t been using chemicals for a long time. It can help prevent the pool from becoming contaminated. If you’re planning on draining water, then you probably want to develop a strategy on how that water will be used. Be sure to check with the professionals about the proper draining technique and the levels of chemicals in the water. Doing it yourself could result in costly fines.


Low Water Level

Before your pool is fully prepared, check the drain plug is installed. Make sure it’s connected to the proper location. Then, make sure the drain connector is also installed. This will help prevent the water from flowing into the foundation of your house. It will also help keep the drain connector from getting damaged.

After connecting the drain connector to the valve, the water will immediately drain.

This drain will take a few hours to get done, but it’s not ideal to avoid doing some errands. Follow these steps to make sure that the draining goes smoothly. As the water drains, start cleaning the pool walls with a soft cloth and an all-purpose cleaner.

When the water begins to drain, lift the pool's side away from the drain until it emptyes. This will help prevent the drain connector and valve cap from getting damaged.


Scrub Your Pool Walls

To get the job done, just wipe down the pool's walls using a soft cloth and mild cleaner. Once done, make sure to rinse the walls.


Disassemble the Wall

If your pool has a frame, you can either clean and dry it, or store it in a safe place. Ideally, it should be dry and hot to avoid staining.


Pool Liner

You can either fold the liner into a neat square or use an additional large container to store it. This will help keep the liner in its original packaging.


Clean the Equipment

Give your pump and filter components a rub down and then allow them to dry before placing them away for the winter. Make sure to check the filter cartridge regularly to see if it's dirty.



Do you have everything you need to prepare for the cold winter season? This is the place to store everything.



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