Best Chemistry for a Chlorine Free Hot Tub
If you're looking for a way to maintain a relaxing spa or hot tub without the use of chlorine or bromine, then this article is for you. You know, it’s easy to keep a pool or spa halogen-free!

The Marquis is a 400-gallon spa that gets used 2-3 times per week. It's an easy way to keep a hot tub or spa halogen-free. Many people don't want to use chlorine or bromine in their tub. Both are irritating and can be hazardous to your skin and nasal passages.


Minerals + Ozone + MPS for a Non Chlorine Hot Tub

The secret to going bromine-free is to use a mineral cartridge or an ozonator, and then shock the spa with non-chlorine shock several times a week.


Usually use a Spa Stick or a Mineral Cleaner. There are a variety of options for these products, such as the Nature2 Spa Stick, the Spa Frog, and the SunPurity.

These are great for removing silver and copper ions from the water, as they help break apart various contaminants. They should be replaced after 4 months.


A spa ozonator uses ozone to kill bacteria, viruses, and anything else that comes into contact with the water. Some people like the MCD-50, which is a bit more expensive than most models.

Ozone is known to kill bacteria and viruses, but it can also remove hard to kill substances like fungi and viruses. This is why I use MPS to augment the effectiveness of ozone.


Monoperulfate: This is a great way to get rid of static and reduce inflammation. It works by circulating for a few minutes and then closing the cover.

We carry a variety of non-chlorine shock formulations, including those by brands like Leisure Time, and Rendezvous.


 If you have any other questions about pool and spa products please do let us know - we are here to help!

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