Best Alarms for your Pool (Part 2)

This guide provides the second part of overview on the best Pool Alarms. No matter how much we like to talk about all the fun stuff about owning a backyard pool, whether it’s relaxing in your favorite pool lounger or enjoying your favorite pool games, the most important thing about your pool is safety.

1) Poolguard DAPT-2 Water Hazard Pool Door Alarm
The majority of children that drown in pools go out the back door first and Poolguard's Door Alarm can help protect those doors. Adult pass through feature allows 15 seconds for adults to pass through the door without the alarm sounding.

- UL Listed UL 2017 (Water Hazard Entrance Door Alarm)
- Made in the USA
- 1 Year Warranty
- Battery Powered; Outdoor wireless transmitter pass-thru feature. 85 DB Horn at 10 Feet.
- Poolguard Door Alarm will sound in 7 seconds even if a child goes through the door and closes it behind them. Poolguard Door Alarm is equipped with an adult pass through feature that will allow adults to go through the door without the alarm sounding

2) PoolEye Above ground Pool Immersion Alarm
Be prepared and armed with the PoolEye Immersion Pool Alarm. Featuring the most accurate pool intrusion technology on the market for aboveground pools, you can rely on PoolEye for that added layer of pool protection. Plus, this battery-operated water motion detector is easy to install. It only takes about 10 minutes! The pool safety alarm features sub-surface wave detection, so there are fewer false alarms. Under water, the rudder switch inside the protective cage floats vertically, undisturbed by wind or rain on the surface. When an object enters the water and creates water movement, the rudder switch is moved off center and triggers the alarm. The 85 dB siren alerts when an object as light as 15 lb/7 kg is detected. This is a poolside alarm – the siren only sounds out of the main device. PoolEye is the only brand you need to give your family peace of mind when it comes to pool safety. Our affordable and accurate sub-surface wave detection alarms are third party tested for reliable performance. This water motion pool alarm is ideal for aboveground pools that measure up to 24’ round or 16’ x 32’.

- WATER MOTION SENSOR – Be prepared and armed with the PoolEye Immersion Pool Alarm. With its underwater motion sensor, PoolEye provides an extra layer of protection when it comes to pool safety.
- EASY TO INSTALL – The PoolEye Pool Alarm is battery powered and easy to install. With all hardware included, it quickly installs under the top ledge of steel wall pools. Plus, the adjustable sensitivity switch allows you to customize your experience.
- FEWER FALSE ALARMS – The water motion sensor features sub-surface wave detection that will not pick up movement from rain or wind, meaning there are fewer false alarms. The alarm is triggered when an object as light as 15 lb is detected.
- POOLSIDE SIREN – The PoolEye Aboveground Pool Alarm emits a loud 85 dB siren directly from the device that will notify any nearby adults of objects or people unexpectedly entering the water.
- POOLEYE – PoolEye is the only brand you need to give your family peace of mind when it comes to pool safety. Our affordable and accurate sub-surface wave detection alarms are third party tested for reliable performance.

3) PoolGuard PGRM-2 In-Ground Pool Alarm
he Poolguard PGRM-2 In-Ground Pool Alarm means peace of mind for you and your loved ones. Fully tamper-proof, the Poolguard pool alarm is designed with sensing technology that detects pool intrusions of 18 pounds and greater. It installs on a pool edge, and once installed cannot be deactivated. It features a sleep mode for when pools are in use, and its automatic wake-up mode automatically runs a system test to ensure optimal operation. The Poolguard Alarm equipped with an in-house remote receiver that runs on an included 12V power supply and has a range of up to 200'. The alarm itself runs on a 9V battery, and it features a complete a low battery indicator. Designed for pools up to 20' x 40', the Poolguard In-Ground Pool Alarm promises reliable protection, and includes the Poolguard unit, remote receiver, and power supply. Batteries not included.
- NSF Certified to ASTM Standard F2208
- Made in the USA
- In House Remote Receiver. Horns are 85 decibel at 10 feet; The Poolguard Pool Alarm comes with an in-house remote receiver that has a range up to 200 feet
- Battery Powered,Poolguard PGRM-2 is designed to detect intrusions similar to a one year old child
- Can be used in pools up to 20 x 40 or 800 square feet

4) HENDUN Outdoor Door Alarm with Remote Keypad
This upgraded outdoor rain proof door and window alarm, its volume is up to 140 decibels. Also has IP67 waterproof performance. It is also very convenient to operate, it can be operated by keypad or remote control.
- NOTE: SUPER LOUD--140 dB, if you use it indoors, you may feel too noisy.The volume can't be controlled.
- IP67 WATERPROOF--Perfect ideal for outdoor use such as in ground pool gate,patios, fence, shed,entrances and exits, prevent robbery and door prying..
- EASY TO INSTALL&USE--There are many installation methods, tape, tie, screw. Both numeric keyboard and remote control can be operated.
- LOW BATTERY REMINDER--When the battery power is low, it will beep 6 times continuously. Pls replace the battery in time.
- EXCELLENT QUANLITY &RELIABLE--Made with grade PVC housing, rubberized weather/water resistant seal.

5) Blue Wave NA4212 Poolwatch Pool Alarm System
The Poolwatch Pool Alarm System gives safety and peace of mind for both above ground and in-ground pool owners alike. This unbeatable alarm complies with ASTM F2208 standards and can easily be installed onto pool decking or top rails for the maximum safety feature of any pool. The Poolwatch utilizes intelligent internal software with high tech sensors that will detect entrance into the pool and emit a loud audible sound. The receiver can be placed up to 100-ft (30 m) away. The system prevents false alarms due to wind, rain, floating objects in the pool or automatic cleaners giving you sure safety and confidence all season long. Quick, easy installation onto deck or pool rail. 1 year limited warranty.

- NSF Certified to ASTM F2208 requirements for pool alarms
- Electronic sensor detects entry into pool by children, pets, or intruders
- Remote receiver sounds when the pool alarm is activated—100 ft wireless range
- Alarm is designed to detect objects weighing 18 pounds or more 110V A/C or 9 volt battery powered receiver
- Kindly refer the User Manual in the Technical Specification section for specifics on operating and installing this alarm. These setup and care instructions are crucial to the alarm’s proper operation.

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