Best Alarms for your Pool ( Part 1)

The intention of this guide is to present the overview of Pool Alarms best sellers. If you have a swimming pool in your backyard, and you have children, the potential for an accident is high. One of the easiest and least expensive ways to prevent a child from being injured—or worse, drowning—is a pool alarm.

1) Pool Patrol PA-30 Pool Alarm
The Pool Patrol Model PA-30 includes a remote receiver and is designed to sound an alarm when triggered both at the pool and at the remote receiver (in your house) up to a distance of approximately 200 feet. The alarm will trigger should a child or pet 15 lbs. and up fall into the water. The remote wireless receiver has an on/off switch with an "on" indicator light and is powered by a 120 volt A.C. wall transformer. The alarm in the pool is battery powered and uses one 9 volt alkaline battery (battery not included). To connect to a home security system, there is a connector at the bottom of the receiver with three inputs.

- Easy to install with no damage to your pool
- Adjustable sensitivity to reduce false alarms
- Works in any type, shape, or size pool or spa
- In house remote receiver
- Multiple alarms can be used in larger pools

2) Lifebuoy Pool Alarm System
The Lifebuoy Pool Alarm System is a two-piece unit that will sense disruption in the water’s surface. The main part of the unit is the buoy itself. It measures about seven inches in diameter, and is shaped like an upside-down sombrero. The lower, conical portion is constructed from clear plastic, and has a series of holes drilled in the side. This portion is designed to fill with water when submerged, which keeps the unit properly oriented. The upper portion consists of a large red plastic buoyancy ring. This ring doesn’t just provide buoyancy; it also houses the Lifebuoy’s sensors. When it’s not resting level in the water, the alarm will sound.

- A REVOLUTIONARY WARNING SYSTEM FOR A SAFER POOL - Lifebuoy is equipped with home and pool units designed to sound an alarm when a person or pet falls into water. Multiple sensors and a state of the art microprocessor are used to detect the pool area. It is a versatile, reliable alarm that can detect movement in the pool with long range RF.
- SWIM MODE - The lifebuoy pool alarm is smart - After 10 minutes of absence of movement, the system will reactivate and in the event of a fall into the pool an alarm will go on.
- BLUETOOTH BASED - Use the lifebuoy App to control and configure your lifebuoy Alarm. You can control the alarm state, change the length of the alert in case of alarm, or adjust the sensitivity of the lifebuoy pool alarm when your App is connected to Bluetooth and you are in range. Note: Lifebuoy does not work away from home.
- COVER ALERT - Lifebuoy is designed to alert when pool cover is removed. We are very proud with this technology, as it is the only pool alarm that can effectively be used when the pool is covered.
- LIFEBUOY EVERYWHERE - Use with almost every type of pool, spa and garden pond. Suitable for constructed or temporary pools, Jacuzzis and ornamental pools. Lifebuoy was designed with portability in mind. Light and compact, you can take it with you on vacations and trips. CE, FCC approved and complies with ASTM.

3) Techko S189 Ultra Slim Safe Pool Alarm
The Techko S189D Ultra Slim Pool Safety and Entry Alarm is designed to sound a loud alert when a door or gate is opened. The magnetic contact sensors are installed on the gate or door you wish to secure. Once installed, it will allow adults to pass through the protected gate or door by pressing the bypass button. Once the bypass button is pressed, the adult will have 8-12 seconds to pass through and shut the gate. The Entry Alarm is a simple solution for alerting you whenever your children and others enter and leave the pool area. The Ultra Slim Pool Safety and Entry Alarm can alternatively be used as an alert system for other door and gate entry areas in and around your home or property. This product is powered by three AAA batteries, included. The Ultra Slim Pool Safety Alarm with Extra Sensor is ETL listed and approved under UL 2017 standards.

- UL 2017 certified pool alarm
- Meets most city pool regulations
- Upgraded model from popular S187D
Ultra slim patented design (Patent No. 5, 473, 310 / 6, 727, 819 / 7, 187, 280)
- Additional magnetic sensor for screen door exit/entry. Low battery LED display
- 2 adult bypass buttons. High output 100-110 dB alarm
- Interior and Exterior use.

4) Techko S187D Safe Pool Alarm
The Techko S187 Safe Pool Alarm is designed to monitor a gate, door, window or other entryway to you pool area. A high output of 110 dB alarm siren sounds when the magnetic contact is broken without pressing the adult bypass button. Two sensors are included so that you can have your sliding glass door open, with your screen door shut, leaving the alarm active. This alarm is always in protective mode and will sound the instant a door, window or gate is opened and will continue until the bypass button is triggered. The S187D is ETL listed and approved under UL 2017 standards.

- Meets UL standards for Child Pool Safety Law
- Includes extra set of sensors and bypass reset button for use on both sliding glass doors and screen doors
- Water and weather resistant
- High Output 110-120 dB, 6-Tone Alarm. "Always On" Alarm Protection

5) PoolEye Inground/Aboveground Immersion Pool Alarm
Your aboveground swimming pool provides hours of daytime enjoyment, but when day turns to night, the fun doesn’t have to stop! The Nitelighter multicolored underwater LED pool light produces beautiful, vibrant colors in your aboveground pool that will keep the party going, even after dark. Plus, there are two modes to choose from to help you set the scene just right – you can set it on an automatic color changing cycle, or set to just one color (red, green, or blue). It’s quick and easy to install your Nitelighter LED pool light in just a few minutes. It doesn’t require any drilling thanks to the mounting bracket and thumb wheel that quickly secure the light under the top ledge of steel wall pools. Plus, a 28’ mounting cord is included that allows you to place it exactly where needed. Get more swimming time out of your pool by adding an LED pool light! Have a romantic nighttime swim or throw an evening pool party with your friends and family. You can enjoy your pool night and day with Nitelighter!

- WATER MOTION SENSOR – Be prepared with the PoolEye Immersion Pool Alarm. With its underwater motion sensor, PoolEye provides an extra layer of protection when it comes to pool safety. Works for pools up to 20’ x 40’ (certified for pools up to 16’ x 32’).
- EASY TO INSTALL – The PoolEye Pool Alarm is battery powered and easy to install. It must be fixed to the deck or top rail of the pool to ensure it cannot be removed, and it must be installed using the supplied hardware.If water temperature drops below 32 degrees Fahrenheit or 0 Celsius the alarm must be removed to prevent damage to the unit
- FEWER FALSE ALARMS – This water motion sensor features sub-surface wave detection that will not pick up movement from rain or wind, meaning there are fewer false alarms. The 85 dB alarm is triggered when an object as light as 15 lb is detected.
- INCLUDES IN-HOME ALARM – A magnetic key is included for reactivating/resetting your water alarm sensor. An in-home remote alarm is also included, so you will be immediately alerted whether you are inside or out.
- POOLEYE – PoolEye is the only brand you need to give your family peace of mind when it comes to pool safety. Our affordable and accurate sub-surface wave detection alarms are tested to the highest standard, ensuring they are consistently reliable.

If you have any other questions about pool and spa products please do let us know - we are here to help! 

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