Best 6 Spa Selections Chemicals

Your hot tub needs regular chemical upkeep. A hot tub is a big investment and we understand you want to enjoy and take care of it as best you can. Here we want to recommend you Spa Selections Chemicals to run your hot tub easier.

Spa Selections was developed for use in spas, hot tubs, and jacuzzies. These water care products are both economical and powerful enough for the toughest jobs. Within Spa Selections’ wide selection of products, the manufacturer offers everything from algaecides and deposit control formulas to non-chlorine shock treatments, powerful surface cleaners, clarifiers, enzyme-based cleaners, and more.

Here is the 6  best-selling Spa Selections Chemicals:


1. Spa Selections 86264 Clarifier Spa and Hot Tub Cleanser, 16 fl oz

Ensure that the water in your hot tub, spa, or jacuzzi is crystal clear with this clarifier from Spa Selections. With essential oils that will make sure you enjoy a relaxing soak every time, this spa care chemical will be a must have in your pool care equipment.


- Restores crystal clarity to water in your spa, hot tub, or jacuzzi

- Add directly to your water following dosing instructions; Does not require adjusting pH levels before or after use

- Use with all kinds of sanitizers

- Suspended particles coagulate so they can be filtered from spa water; Essential oils soften water and soothe skin

- Includes one 16oz bottle of Spa Selections Clarifier


2. Spa Selections 86265 Foam Out Spa and Hot Tub Cleanser, 16 fl oz

Foaming and sudsing in spas and hot tubs is a common occurrence and easily fixed with Spa Selections Foam Out solution. A common cause of foam is the turbulent water combined with bathers who have soaps and detergents on their bodies and swimsuits. Showering before entering the spa and using Spa Selections Foam Out helps reduce the amount of foaming. Spa Selections Foam Out is a fast-acting, concentrated spa defoamer formulated to prevent and eliminate foaming and sudsing in spas, hot tubs, therapeutic pools, fountains, and swimming pools.


- Prevents and eliminates foam and suds in spas, hot tubs, Jacuzzis, pools, and more

-  Apply small amounts directly to the surface of the water in the spa

- Use with all kinds of sanitizers, including chlorine, bromine, saltwater, ozone, minerals, and biguanide

- Fast-acting concentrated solution to combat oils and detergents from swimmers

- Includes one 16oz bottle of Spa Selections Foam Out


3. Spa Selections 86257 Chlorinating Granules, 1 lb

The Spa Selections Benefit Spa Selections Chlorinating Granules is an effective sanitizer that protects spa and hot tub water against chlorine loss, optimizing usage and comfort with no sediment. This spa care chemical is convenient and easy to use to control the growth of algae, kill bacteria, and destroy organic materials.


- Destroys algae and prevents growth while killing bacteria and other organic material so you can fully enjoy your jacuzzi all season long

- Apply to your spa or hot tub in the evening while your filter pump is running

- Great for most spa and hot tub systems; For best results, use with Spa Selections pool care products

- Fast acting; Easy to use; No sediment

- One 1-lb container of chlorinating granules, pool care chemicals for your spa or hot tub


4. Spa Selections 86262 Bromine Tablet Floater Spa and Hot Tub Cleanser

Keeping your spa, hot tub, or jacuzzi sanitized is easier than ever before with this bromine tablet floater from Spa Selections. By applying bromine tablets to the pool floater, you can maintain continuously clean and ideal water to enjoy all season long.


- This floater will make taking care of your spa, hot tub, or jacuzzi easier than ever

- Apply tablets to the floater for dispersion in the water; For best results, use with Spa Selections bromine tablets

- Use with bromine sanitizer tablets

- Provides continuous sanitization of your spa

- Ensure 2-4 ppm of bromine is maintained


5. Spa Selections 86251 Test Strips Maintenance for Spas and Hot Tubs, 50 ct

Test your spa water regularly to make sure your spa water is balanced to avoid cloudy water, scaling, equipment corrosion, and skin irritation. Spa Selections Test Strips allow you to test and maintain the correct levels of total bromine, free chlorine, alkalinity, pH and calcium hardness in your spa or hot tub.


- Test and maintain the correct levels of total bromine, free chlorine, alkalinity, spa pH and calcium hardness

- Apply spa test strips directly to spa or hot tub water; test water three to five times a week after initial startup, then move to twice a week once results remain at the ideal level

- Great for most spa and hot tub systems

- Easy to use; Quick readings; Helps to maintain clear water, prevent scaling, and proper equipment function

- Includes 50 Spa Selections Test Strips for chemicals in your spa or hot tub


6. Spa Selections Aromatherapy Pillow Packs, Lavender - 4 (0.5 oz.) Single Use Packets

Create a spa experience at home with Spa Selections aromatherapy fragrance in Lavender. Including four 0.5-oz. packets, Lavender aromatherapy products will mask any lingering chemical odors. Spa Selections Aromatherapy is a ready-to-use blend of aromatherapy fragrances formulated especially for spas, hot tubs and jetted baths. The non-foaming formula has no alcohol; is water-soluble; and will not stain or harm woods, fiberglass, acrylics or plaster. This product will not clog filters or affect pH levels.


- Fragrances enhance spa experience.

- Non-foaming.

- Will not offset water balance or clog filters.

- Has no alcohol and is water soluble.

- Will not harm or stain woods, fiberglass, acrylics or plaster.


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