Aqua Products Evo 614 iQ Automatic Robotic Cleaner

If you own a swimming pool up to 50 feet long then you’ll want to know about the best automatic pool cleaner that Aqua Products has to offer. This article will introduce you to the AQUA PRODUCTS EVO 614 iQ automatic pool cleaner.

This device is equipped with a wireless remote control that enables it to automatically remove dirt, grime, and particles from the floor. It also helps to keep the environment clean.

This robotic pool cleaner is capable of cleaning both the pool and its surrounding areas. It can also circulate the pool water and remove debris effectively.

Having a pool cleaner is worth it. It can be very difficult to clean a large pool in a short time.


Features of Aqua Products Evo 614 iQ

This versatile pool cleaner has plenty of features and benefits. Its features include automatic pool cleaning, remote control, and many more.


Wireless remote control

This unit features a built-in wireless remote control that lets you control it from anywhere. Just open the device's browser and connect to your mobile hotspot.

This product will automatically cover all of your pool surfaces. It does not require any wires to operate. It’s also designed to allow you to sit beside the pool while the cleaning process is happening.


2 cleaning modes

Two cleaning modes are available for each type of cleaning. One key is required to clean the pool surface, while the other key is used to clean the walls and waterline.


High performance

Aqua Products Evo 614 iQ is featured with a powerful motor to provide powerful suction.

This product is made to remove algae, dirt, and other debris from the pool water. It does so by combining a sturdy and durable scrubbing brush with a small circular brush.


Adaptive logic control

The iQ 614 automatic robotic cleaner is designed to automatically clean and search the pool debris. It has a built-in underwater signal generator that will automatically detect obstacles in the pool.

It can easily ignore obstacles and can maintain the cleanliness of the swimming pool surface in a short amount of time. It's a smart cleaning method that helps to clean the dirty places without breaking its cleaning path.


Hassle-free set up

It doesn't require any tools or equipment to perform its task, as it uses energy hogs to get rid of dirt and other debris. Just plug it in and enjoy a deep and stunning clean.


Effortlessly provide deep clean

This multi-layer filter helps to purify the water and keep the pool floor cleaner. It also has a built-in breathing light that automatically turns on once the user touches the water.


Is the Evo 614 iQ pool cleaner worth it?

Being able to use a robotic pool cleaner is a great thing to have. The Evo 614 iQ is a great example of a robotic pool cleaner that has plenty of features and benefits.


This bag features a lightweight design that allows you to carry it anywhere. Its easy to carry helps keep it organized.


With an intelligent logic control system, the EVO pool cleaner can automatically clean the debris from the walls and automatically remove the other impurities. Its wireless remote control function lets you control it from anywhere.

The high efficiency of the 614 iQ Pool Cleaner is mainly due to its ability to conserve the power it consumes while cleaning. It can achieve a clean and deep clean job in less than two hours.



  • Has intelligent wireless remote control system.
  • It comes with 4 liter EZ-clean filter basket.
  • It comes with 60ft tangle-free swivel cable.
  • Filtrates and circulates the pool water.
  • Provide stunningly deep clean.
  • Easy to use and maintain.
  • Pool size up to 50ft.


  • Slightly expensive.


What is the Evo 614 iQ stands out?

There are various types of robotic pool cleaners available in the market. Some are cheap and some are worthy. One of these is the Aqua Products EVO 614 iQ Automatic Pool Cleaner.


This robotic pool cleaner features a multi-layer filter that automatically purifies the water and helps you spend less time cleaning. It has two key modes that allow you to keep the pool looking fresh and beautiful.


This multi-purpose filter is ideal for keeping the in-ground swimming pool clean. It features a built-in filter that effectively removes dirt, debris, and oil from the pool. It also helps to keep the pool looking fresh and clean.


The Evolution 614 iQ is a robotic pool cleaner that works seamlessly with minimal equipment set up. It's an extremely efficient and easy-to-use pool cleaner. This pool cleaner is very easy to use and will clean your pool efficiently. Just plug it in and walk away.


The Aqua products pool cleaner is an efficient and effective pool cleaner that's made with durable plastic materials. It can be used to avoid obstacles and keep the pool clean.



Aqua Products Evo 614 iQ Automatic Robotic Cleaner

This Cleaner is so smart, you can even control it from your smartphone.

  • iAquaLink Control - Wherever you are, whenever you want -- clean your pool easily with the iAquaLink app
  • Powerful Vacuum Technology - Captures dirt and debris without losing suction
  • Turns on a dime! - Dual traction motor independently rotates brushes for better turning and a rear flow design makes maneuvering over and around obstacles a breeze
  • Brushes on the front and back! - Features patent-pending split-format brushes that help direct dirt and debris to the inlet
  • 60-Foot cable with tangle-less swivel - Includes a swivel to help keep cable from tangling during operation
  • Large EZ-Clean debris basket - Debris basket removes easily to spray clean
  • Designed to climb - Provides excellent traction while creating strong suction beneath the cleaner
  • Two cleaning modes - Focus only on the floor or get complete coverage with a floor, wall and waterline cycle
  • Optional cleaner caddy - Makes transporting and storing easy (Sold separately)

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