Aiper Smart AIPURY1500 Cordless Robotic Pool Cleaner

What Is Aiper Smart AIPURY1500?

The term robotic pool cleaner is pretty much all that it needs to tell you about this device. It's a battery-powered unit that crawls along the bottom of the pool and cleans the walls using its cylindrical brushes.

Screen mesh baskets are usually placed inside doors to capture anything that gets in its way. This one is especially good at capturing small objects, such as acorns.

Many pool sweeps can’t pick up debris or have a mesh that is too porous to effectively remove small particles.

Not with the Aiper Smart pool cleaner. It seems to be able to get rid of most of the debris that's stuck to the bottom of the pool. However, it's important to make sure that the mesh basket is cleaned thoroughly before the machine is used.

The motor helps remove debris from the bottom of the cleaner by sucking the water from the bottom into a mesh basket. It then pushes the water out of the top.



When it's fully charged, we recommend placing it in the shallow end of your pool. It will start sucking up the water as it moves.

The Aiper Smart will then start cleaning the bottom of the pool. It will then move in a series of diagonal lines to create an even cleaner bottom.

The battery in the device is a high-capacity 8600 mAh one. It can run for over one hour. It's important to note that the battery capacity will gradually decrease over time.

The AIPURY1500 does come with a wall charger. It takes quite a bit of time to fully charge.


Aside from keeping your pool looking its best, the Aiper Smart pool cleaner is also good for keeping your walls and bottom clean. It can also remove algae and debris from the bottom.


Aiper Smart AIPURY1500

  • The Aiper Smart 4x4 Wall-climbing System is the latest generation of Aiper's line of wall-climbing tools. It features a 4-wheel drive system and a smart route plan tech.
  • The ability to climb up and clean the pool makes it a great choice for anyone wanting to keep the pool looking its best.
  • Top-load filter cartridges are designed to remove dirt and debris from your home. They can also prevent the growth of dead bugs and leaves.
  • The large 8600mAh battery can provide up to 90 minutes of uninterrupted cleaning without the risk of cable twisting.
  • This innovative automatic pool cleaner is designed for Above/In-ground all surfaces pool of all shapes for 1614sq.ft.


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