Aiper Smart AIPOOLY1200 Automatic Robotic Pool Cleaner

The AIPOOLY1200 is a robotic pool cleaner that can automatically clean and filter the pool's surface. It does so by using its computer-controlled program.

Give this smart pool cleaner a try and see how it can clean and vacuum all of your pool's parts in less than an hour. Its dual-motor design helps it keep the pool floor and walls looking great.

The built-in scrubbing brushes help remove tough debris from the pool while the max design makes sure that everything is thoroughly cleaned.

The AIPER Smart Pool Cleaner has a cord that's designed to prevent the knots that can get tangled as it moves through the pool. Its floating floats prevent the knots from getting caught in the water.



Energy Efficient
The robotic cleaners are designed to work efficiently even though it consumes a high amount of electricity.

Strong Suction
The dual-motor cleaner is ideal for removing dirt, sand, and other debris from the pool surface. It has a powerful motor that will allow the cleaner to thoroughly clean the pool deck.

Wall Climbers
The AIPOOLY1200 is powerfully nimble on vertical surfaces for intense wall and waterline scrubbing.

The robotic pool cleaner's plug-and-play feature is a must-have feature for any pool buyer. It allows the machine to automatically clean the pool after you've set it up.

Pool Size
A robotic pool cleaner that has a long cable should be able to reach the bottom of the pool and the walls.

Two Large Fine Mesh Filters
With superior filtering capabilities, traps and locks-in all sorts of dirt and debris, so your pool is left exceptionally clean.



1.In order to avoid any accident/damage,it is strongly recommended to fix the power supply unit 3. 5m away from the swimming pool by using the safety rope (included in the package) .

2.In order to prevent severe damage to the cleaner,never power on the unit when it is outside of the swimming pool.

3. Hold the top handle when putting the cleaner into water or lifting out of the water,do not pull the cable. Before power on,make sure to empty the trapped air inside the cleaner (no more air bubbles coming from the cleaner and the cleaner is fully submersed on the pool bottom).



AIPER's robotic pool cleaner is a must-have for anyone who wants to have a great pool cleaning experience.

The only downside of this product is its inability to clean right-angled steps.

If you want to clean your swimming pool without spending loads of time, then buy this cleaner immediately!


Aiper Smart AIPOOLY1200

  • The AIPER SMART 2*2 scrubbing brushes are equipped with a powerful dual-motor that can effectively remove dirt and debris from various surfaces. They are also capable of scrubbing tough dirt such as leaves and sand.
  • The AIPOOLY1200 Robotic Pool Cleaner is a great addition to any pool cleaning kit due to its ability to work seamlessly around the pool area. Its sleek design and flexible cord make it easy to use and remove debris from the water.
  • This Powerful Pool Cleaner is a programmable pool cleaner that can climb the walls of the pool and remove dirt and debris. Its anti-rollover technology prevents it from falling.
  • Instead of using the pumps and hose, give the robotic pool cleaner a set of instructions that will automatically clean the pool's walls and bottom.
  • This cleaner features a pair of large cartridge filters that capture and trap dirt and debris for an optimal cleaning experience.

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