Ukey U Pool Lights 120V45W Color Changing, LED Pool Light for Inground Pool Replacement Swimming Pool Lights for Pentair Hayward Light Fixture, Remote Control and Switch Control E26 Medium

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Brand: Ukey U

Color: 36w


  • This pool light bulb is able to lit up 25000 gallon pool,And as a bonus burns up a lot less electricity in the process.Works for most Pentair Hayward Light Fixture and Hayward Astrolite Series,you can not only simply flip the power switch on and off over and over in order to change the light color mode.but also use remote controller to change light modes. Please be noted,single red mode only 13 watt,not as bright as blue or other color.
  • Colorful Color & Memory Color: 7 static modes, 8 animation modes, Including color transition, color fade, color changing and color jump. The bulb has a memory function that will display the previously saved color mode the next time it is turned on. Let your swimming pool shine instantly.
  • Remote Control & Switch Control: No remote control around, No problem! The color mode of the pool bulb can also be changed by switching the power supply. Note: The remote control needs to buy a battery (Search for "12V 23A"), If the bulb is installed underwater more than 3 feet or the bulb is sealed in an all-metal fixture, the signal will be greatly attenuated or lost.
  • Add new functions to the light:1:add memory function to the light.2:add temperature detect and automatic power down function,3: add DC 12v for the light. light is suitable for both AC12v but and DC12V. 4:add remote controller and light matching system.for more details please check the discription.
  • Save energy and reduce your electricity bill.---Electric Bill consumes up to 50% less energy than competitors’ lights.Able to replace 300-500W pool light bulb by using our 36W led pool light bulb.

Details: NOTE ABOUT REMOTE CONTROL While this light comes with a remote can also be controlled through the on/off switch .Our pool light includes this switch control feature because remote controls use RF signals which sometimes do not transmit very well under water.This is true with all LED remote-controlleld pool lights.Additionally,pool light housings that are metal can impede the signal of the remote,Inmost cases,the remote will control the light if held next to the existing on/off switch OR if you hold the remote directly above the light,You May even have to dip the tip of the antenna in the water (this will not harm the remote). New Version pool light first released on Amazon,Add 3 new technologies as belowAdd remote controller and light matching system,you can avoid the other remote controller controlling your light by mistake. Attention:Remote control will not work properply under two conditions:★★★ 1. your light fixture posiotion is under water more than 3 feet.★★★ 2. The light fixture is sealed with metal 100%.★★★★★:Add temperature detect function for the light.some customer reflect that the light is easy to be burned out.some factory provide the Fan solution,in fact this is not scientifically.the light is installed in a sealed will not have good effection to the heat radiation.our solution is to add temperature detect function,when we detected the temperature is high than 80 degrees,the light will automatically down the power of the light. we tested in a sealed meta fixture,if you light up the white mode for than 4 hours, it will down the power.other color changing mode and single color mode produce much less heat than the white is a very intelligent idea to make the lifespan of the light as long as possible.

EAN: 0636823489021

Package Dimensions: 7.1 x 6.9 x 6.8 inches


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