Taylor K-2006C-SALT Complete (FAS-DPD Chlorine) Test Kit

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Brand: Taylor

Details: The Taylor K-2006C-SALT Complete (FAS-DPD Chlorine) Test Kit is another easy-to-use kit from Taylor, giving you the ability to accurately measure all the critical elements of water chemistry, including chlorine, bromine, pH, total alkalinity, calcium hardness, cyanuric acid, base demand, acid demand, and sodium chloride (salt). This kit includes a 2 ounce bottle of each of these testing reagents as well as the graduated cylinder with a built-in measurement chart. Simply fill the cylinder with pool water and add the correct reagents according to the supplied directions, and you will have highly accurate results in seconds. Best of all, the Complete (FAS-DPD Chlorine) Test Kit is made by Taylor, an innovator in water chemistry testing for 80 years, allowing you to buy with confidence. Included: R-0003: DPD Reagent #3 C Size R-0004: pH Indicator Solution (Phenol Red) C Size R-0005: Acid Demand Reagent C Size R-0006: Base Demand Reagent C Size R-0007: Thiosulfate N/10 C Size R-0008: Total Alkalinity Indicator C Size R-0009: Sulfuric Acid .12N C Size R-0010: Calcium Buffer C Size R-0011L: Calcium Indicator Liquid C Size R-0012: Hardness Reagent C Size R-0013: Cyanuric Acid Reagent C Size (3 bottles) R-0630: Chrome Indicator C Size R-0718: Silver Nitrate Reagent C Size (2 bottles) R-0870: DPD Powder I Size (2 bottles) R-0871: FAS-DPD Titrating Reagent C Size


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