Swimables Stain Remover X - Great for Preventing and Taking Off Stains from Swimming Pools - Great for Startups - SW39X

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Brand: Swimables


  • Extremely Safe: Stain Treatment that is Safe for All Pool Surfaces. Using a sequestering agent is extremely important for keeping metals in solution to prevent staining, scaling, and discoloration to your pool surface and equipment while providing clear pool water. Highly concentrated formula. Dosage is 4-6 oz per 10,000 gallons of water.
  • Excellent Preventative: Stain Remover X Pool Stain Remover prevents and removes mineral stains caused by iron, copper, and magnesium. It also prevents the buildup of scale around the waterline and the plumbing. When minerals oxidize they discolor. After discoloration, they leave a stain if the mineral settles on the interior. Iron will become red-brown; copper will turn purple-black; and magnesium is pink-purple. Stain away is a must for areas with heavy iron and copper content or well water.
  • Identify: If organic or mineral stain does appear, there are a couple of different ways to identify a stain. The most common way is by color. Non-living organics will leave either a green or brown stain on the interior. When minerals oxidize and change color such as iron, it will leave a red/brown colored stain, Copper will leave a purple/black stain, and magnesium will leave a pink/purple colored stain.
  • Prevention: As a pool owner the prevention of stains may be something you already do. A pool’s normal maintenance (vacuuming, brushing, and skimming the water’s surface) is considered stain prevention. By doing this weekly, you are actively preventing organic stains. In the event that you are dealing with mineral stains, a sequestering agent or chelating agent like Swimables Stain Remover X, used weekly would be suggesting to prevent stains along with normal weekly pool maintenance.
  • Removal: The stain has been identified as either organic or mineral. Now is the time for treatment of the stains. In the event that you are dealing with an organic stain, super chlorinate using Stain Remover X and brush as often as possible. The more you brush and work the highly chlorinated pool water into the surface the better. The more you brush the better the product works.

Details: Stain Remover X is a proprietary stain treatment that is safe for all pool surfaces. The Stain Remover X is a concentrated formula that prevents and removes stains from forming on pool walls. Unlike the competition, the Stain Remover X was designed with a Phosphate Free formula to prolong the life of all pool finishes.


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