Swimables Phosphate Remover X - Most Powerful Method to Remove Phosphates | Helps Prevent Algae Growth | Strong and Safe Non-Toxic Formula - SW57X

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Brand: Swimables


  • 🌊 REMOVE UNWANTED PHOSPHATES: The Swimables Phosphate Remover X is the most powerful phosphate remover on the market. It effectively removes at least 6,000 parts per billion of phosphates per 20,000 gallons of water. To keep your swimming pool water crystal clear, removing the orthophosphates that forms in your pool is sometimes a needed step for pool maintenance. Once your phosphates drop down to zero, your pool will begin reacting to other chemicals a lot better!
  • 🏊 VERY SAFE TO USE - Some phosphate removers have harmful ingredients that are toxic to be present in your swimming pool or spa. The Swimables Phosphate Remover X has a specialized non-toxic formula that is not hazardous for use in your swimming pool or hot tub, but has the strength you need. In fact, it has enough strength compacted into one bottle to comfortably lower and levels of phosphates in a swimming pool.
  • 🛡️ PREVENT THE GROWTH OF ALGAE: Algae feeds on the phosphates that are in your pool. In order to make your swimming pool or spa an unwelcome place for algae, simply start by getting rid of all of the phosphates by using Swimables Phosphate Remover X. No more phoshates? No more problems!
  • 💰 EXTEND THE LIFE OF YOUR SALT SYSTEM - When you use the Swimables Phosphate Remover X it enhances the performance and extends the like of your salt system. When you have an excess amount of phosphates in your swimming pool, they attach themselves to the salt cells and cause the generator to become less effective and break down quicker! Do your salt system a favor and treat your phosphates using Swimables Phosphate Remover X.
  • ☑️ MAINTAIN WATER CLARITY: It is normal for most powerful phosphate removers to cloud up the water. Want to get rid of this cloudiness? The Swimables Clear N' Sparkle Clarifier is designed to work hand in hand with this phosphate remover to keep things Clear and Sparkly. Simply, add a few ounces of the clarifier and watch the cloudiness disappear!

Binding: Kitchen

Package Dimensions: 9.7 x 3.2 x 3.1 inches


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